Day #13 – Food Packaging & Immunity

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Hey ​friends!

Today is day #13, my friends.

We’re almost done!

We are all about food packaging today. You want to avoid plastics at all costs because of the hormone disruptors along with synthetic chemicals that damage our thyroid, liver, colon, brain, and blood.

If you do buy something in plastic, make sure you don’t heat it up (avoid putting plastics in the microwave or letting them sit in the hot car) but also transfer it to glass as soon as possible when you get home.

Not only do you need to make sure that all the food you eat is organic, packaged in glass (ideally) but also in non-BPA free lining if they are in cans.

I avoid buying anything in cans that is acidic (like tomato sauce for example) as that will leach chemicals and metals from the inside of the can.

Remember, there are many toxic substances in plastic-lined cans, and BPA is only one of them. So just because it’s organic, BPA-free doesn’t mean it’s safe!

Instructions: Go through some of your packaged foods in your home and analyze the ingredients and the labels. Take a picture using the hashtag #ExtremeHealthChallenge and upload it to Instagram or Facebook and then upload it to to gain more points!

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Dr. Bergman, Justin & Kate