Day #8 – Meditation & NLP


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Hey ​friends!

Day #8 we’re more than halfway done!!

Today is all about meditation and NLP aka neuro-linguistic programming. Did you know that in only 3-5 minutes per day you can radically alter your autonomic nervous system and reprogram it for health?

You can actually reprogram your subconscious mind for anything you want. The trick is that the subconscious mind responds to repetition. This is why it’s critical to do this exercise EVERY DAY.

You have 5 minutes per day, don’t you?

If you did every day for a year you would have spent over 30 hours of the year literally reprogramming your mind and nervous system for success in all areas of your life.

To find out exactly how to do it, watch the video here.

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Dr. Bergman, Justin & Kate