Day #10 – The Power Of Heat

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Hi Friends!

Today is Day #10 of the Extreme Health Challenge! How are you holding up?


Increasing the heat of the body helps to dramatically improve the production of heat shock proteins in the body.

Heat shock proteins are what stimulate the immune system to become stronger and help to fight off pathogens, viruses, and bacteria in the body that wear down our immunity over time.

Did you know that those who use a sauna 4-7 times per week decrease their ALL CAUSE mortality by 40%? This is huge my friends.

Some other benefits include…

Enhance endurance by:

● Increasing nutrient delivery to muscles thereby reducing the
depletion of glycogen stores.
● Reducing heart rate and reducing core temperature during workload.

Increase muscle hypertrophy by preventing protein degradation through
the following three means:

● Induction of heat shock proteins and a hormetic response (which has
also been shown to increase longevity in lower organisms).
● Cause a massive release of growth hormone.
● Improving insulin sensitivity.

Improved cardiovascular mechanisms and lower heart rate.

● Lower core body temperature during workload (surprise!)
● Higher sweat rate and sweat sensitivity as a function of increased
thermoregulatory control.
● Increased blood flow to skeletal muscle (known as muscle perfusion) and
other tissues.
● Reduced rate of glycogen depletion due to improved muscle perfusion.
● Increased red blood cell count (likely via erythropoietin).
● Increased efficiency of oxygen transport to muscles.

You absolutely need to figure out a way to incorporate heat into your weekly health protocols to dramatically stimulate your immune system.

Instructions: Today I want you to use a sauna anywhere you can take a photo of it or you inside of it. If you can’t find a sauna, try to find a steam room or steam sauna. Take a photo and then upload it to Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #ExtremeHealthChallenge and then upload that to