Day #3 – The Breath And Your Immune System

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Hi friends!

Day #3 – Diaphragmatic breathing

Our breath is our life. We can go weeks or months without food, about 4 days without water but only minutes without air.

Some religions say the soul comes in when a child takes its first breath.

Regardless, breathing is key to your immune system. Breathing saturates your tissues and cells with oxygen which is essential to your immunity.

There’s a reason why yogis and meditators focus on your breath as proper breathing has always been associated with health and longevity.

Be conscious of your breath today. Try not to breathe through your mouth. Breathing through your nose creates toroidal vortex energy that increases nitric oxide levels in the body so make sure you breathe through your nose.

Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. When you exhale make it last twice as long as you inhale. Do this 3 times during the day as well as often as you can remember.

Remember God “breathed life into a man”. Your breath is the direct connection to your eternal spirit. It’s the physical mechanism that connects us to our higher self. Make it your practice for the rest of your life to be consciously aware of your breathing.

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Dr. Bergman, Justin & Kate