Day #6 – How Sun Activates Immunity!


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Hey ​friends!

We’re humming right along for day #6 of this challenge. How are you going so far?

The sun is your friend. Conventional doctors will have you believe this sun is going to give you cancer and it’s going to kill you.

Nothing could be further from the truth. There are over 1500 frequencies and thousands of wavelengths in the sun that all affect our mitochondrial health.

Remember, our mitochondria control genetic expression. We are beings of light first and we need to allow our solar panels to upregulate these frequencies to improve our immune system and live disease-free.

What happens when you put a tarp over a tree? It’ll die. We are the same way. The sun gives light and life. All fake light brings death.

By going in the sun you create vitamin D which is responsible for over 3000 enzymatic and metabolic processes in the body which literally turn on and off specific genes.

The sun also is responsible for helping us to create melatonin when exposed early in the morning upon rising. This is also the time we create melanin in our skin which prevents burning and increases tan.

The sunlight in the eyes first thing in the morning (before looking at blue light screens) also sets off a cascade of hormones in your body.

We need the sun to live.

Instructions: Go out in the sun today with no sunglasses on and as little clothing as possible for at least 20 minutes. When you’re finished upload a photo of it to Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #extremehealthchallenge. Once you’ve done that go back to Extreme Health Challenge, login, and add that photo from your library!

Make sure to participate daily to increase your odds of winning the 1st prize!

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Talk to you tomorrow!

Dr. Bergman, Justin & Kate