Day #1 – How Fasting Boost Immunity

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Hi friends!

Today is Day #1 of the Building Invincible Immunity Challenge and it’s the most challenging day.

Today is about fasting. That is not eating anything except drinking water.

Fasting has been associated with longevity, healing from all diseases, strengthening your immune system and so much more.

Watch this video about a vegan strongman who eats 1 meal per day!

Human beings are literally designed to fast.

Here are some tricks to help you through…

Drink A LOT of water often
Stay busy

If you’re finding that you’re having a hard time, add various amounts of other liquids into your day like…

Bone broth
Green juice
Herbal teas
Nut milks
Mushroom elixirs

But if you can go without them you’ll be healthier for it.

Today’s Task…

Skip your meals today. I know it sounds hard but it is. It really is but you CAN do this! Take a picture of the beverage you’re doing to drink and post it to Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook using the hashtag #ExtremeHealthChallenge and tag us at @ExtremeHealthAcademy too so we can see it.

Once you do that, go to, login (or register if this is your first time), and add a photo to that page!

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at to gain more points!

So glad you’re on a mission to change your health!

Dr. Bergman, Mike Bergman Justin & Kate