Day #9 – How Fat Affects Your Hormones


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Hey Academy members! 🙂

Today is Day #9! How is the challenge going so far for you? I hope great!

Healthy fats…

We were sold a lie years ago that fat is bad and that eating fat can turn into fat on your body. Actually, the body has no way of doing that.

What makes us fat is consuming too many carbohydrates creating a stress response in the body.

In fact, sugar causes an inflammatory response inside our arteries which can lead to heart disease and high cholesterol levels.

Remember cholesterol isn’t to blame either for heart attacks. Just because cholesterol is present doesn’t mean it’s responsible for them.

We need cholesterol to live. Every cell membrane in the body has a double lipid layer comprised of healthy fat.

Without healthy fats in your diet, your hormones will suffer. For those that have gone on a low-fat diet, you know what we’re talking about.

So let’s get more healthy fats into our day!

Here are some fats I (Justin) consume…

Coconut oil
Coconut butter
Olive oil
Nuts and seeds (and their kinds of butter)
Chia seeds
Cacao butter
Cheese (very limited)
Ghee or butter (limited)
Duck fat (limited)
Beef tallow (limited)
Fatty fish (limited)
Egg yolks
Grass-Fed Organic Beef
Yogurt (I prefer coconut)

Instructions: Consume one or more of the above items today and take a picture of that and use the hashtag #ExtremeHealthChallenge and show us what you’re doing!

Note: You must do complete today’s mission at in order to gain more points!

Dr. Bergman, Justin & Kate