Day #14 – Exercise & Your Hormones

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Hi friends!

Today is the final day of the challenge. You made it!! Woohoo!


Regular exercise is critical for our health. Building muscle is actually the best way to build hormones. In fact, the exercise that actually builds the most hormonal production in your body is deep squats.

This is because the muscle groups responsible for squats happen to be the two biggest in the body, your thighs, and your glutes.

But most people don’t want to join a gym or do squats, I get it. On a side note, you’ll be healthier if you ditch your gym membership for some weights to use in your own backyard. Blue light toxicity is harming your health more than the exercise is helping it.

Get outside and do something fun. Do some exercise, while breathing fresh air and getting full-spectrum biophoton light energy from the sun.

This is the way to build hormones!