Day #11 – Food Storage Plastic vs Glass

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Hi Friends!

Today is Day #11! Can you believe we’re almost done?

We’re expanding on Day #6 a little bit further. What we store our food in is vitally important.

Remember the warmer the food the quicker you need to transfer it to a healthier container.

Here are three substances you want to avoid if possible…

Canned foods

These chemicals and heavy metals offgass from the containers and land on the food inside of them. Then we consume these foods along with the chemicals and heavy metals.

Our bodies now have to process these toxins. They highly disrupt your hormone and endocrine system.

Remember the master switches that run everything are the hormone system. Once you optimize your hormones magically everything seems to work again!

Start by transferring all food items to glass.

Instructions: Go to Amazon, or The Container Store, or even Craigslist and shop for glass food containers and buy as many different shapes and sizes as you can. Take a picture of them or take a picture of what you bought with your phone and post it to Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #ExtremeHealthChallenge and then go to and upload it there to earn more points!