Day #6 – Food Packaging


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Hi fellow Academy members!

We’re humming right along for day #6 of this challenge. How are you going so far?

No matter how healthy the food you buy is, we have to ask ourselves what is it packaged in?

Even organic food can be loaded with toxins if it’s stored in plastic. These plastics break down in high heat temperatures and leach into the food itself.

The chemicals in plastics are xenoestrogens which adversely affect your thyroid gland preventing the proper secretion and production of hormones into our glands and tissues.

You want to avoid plastics at all costs and avoid having them in or around your food.​​​​​​​​

Plus plastic is bad for the planet. ​

Instructions: Buy some glass mason jars or big glass containers today so that you have options for storing your food. Then start migrating the food you eat into those glass containers. When you’re finished upload a photo of it to Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #extremehealthchallenge. Once you’ve done that go back to Extreme Health Challenge, login, and add that photo from your library!

Make sure to participate daily to increase your odds of winning the 1st prize!

Note: You must do complete today’s mission at to gain more points!

Talk to you tomorrow!

Dr. Bergman, Justin & Kate