Day #13 – Sunlight & Your Hormones


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Hello my friends!

People don’t realize how important it is to get full-spectrum sunlight (without sunglasses on) on your skin and in your eyes. Obviously don’t stare at the sun but allowing the biophotons into your eyes helps to create melatonin.

That’s right!

You actually create melatonin IN your eyes IN the daytime. There are receptors in our eyes called opsins that set the eye clock which determines all the other clocks in your body, namely your immune systems and your endocrine system.

The sun is healing. The sun is what gives us life. The sun is what sets our circadian rhythms. Wear as little clothing as possible (sunlight on your private parts is ideal) or wear Kiniki shorts or Cool Tan swimwear to get those biophotons onto your privates!

Remember don’t wear sunscreen and you’ll have an even better result if you ground to the earth while you’re getting sun on your skin and in your eyes.

Instructions: Go outside (even if it’s cloudy) without sunglasses on, without shoes on, and with little clothing as possible and close your eyes and take in the healing light of the sun. Take a picture using the hashtag #ExtremeHealthChallenge and upload it to Instagram or Facebook and then upload it to to gain more points!