Day #7 – How Water Affects Your Hormones

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Hey Academy Members!

Today is Day #7 my friends I hope you’re enjoying this health challenge!

70% of our bodies are water and most of the water that comes into us is not even from drinking, it’s from bathing and showering in poor quality water.

Municipal city water is loaded with acids, chloride, chlorine, and chloramine along with homeopathic pharmaceutical residues of medications, chemotherapy, and other chemicals and drugs people are on.

Even rainwater is way too acidic. Google: Acid rain and statues in google images to see what rainwater does to statues. It’s doing this to your bones and calcifying your endocrine systems which run our hormones.

Water is more important than food. In fact, it’s critical we drink clean water to survive.

So what do we do?

We need to filter the water we drink. I use a similar system to Dr. Bergmans but we also have a whole house filter plus an RO system (Omica Organics) AND a Berkey.

Invest in yourself by investing in the water your drink and put on your skin.

Make it a mantra and an affirmation….”I only drink and bathe in the healthiest water ever” and start saving for some good home water system.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Instructions: Start doing some research on good water systems. If you can’t afford one right now, take a picture of the one you’d like to get and post it to social media and upload that to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and use the hashtag #ExtremeHealthChallenge.Then go to the link below to upload your picture to the challenge page.

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Dr. Bergman D.C., Justin & Kate