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Each month we’ll be going DEEP with natural health experts in live workshops about topics you can implement into your life that will radically upgrade your health!

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How Can We Help You Improve Your Health?

Extreme Health Radio – Open Forum

The Extreme Health Radio Open Forum is a podcast where Extreme Health Radio guests such as: Ken Rohla, Meridian Grace, Wendy Wilson, Atom Bergstrom and Dr. Gerald Smith answer many important questions. The topics concern cholesterol, high blood pressure, cancer, hemorrhoids, natural birth and many more. This time we have more than 3 hours of interesting information for you. So please relax and enjoy!

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Autism Solutions with Kerri Rivera

In this controversial and lively workshop Kerri Rivera talks about how she was able to reverse her own son's autism using a little known substance AND she shares her thoughts on the Coronavirus! DON'T MISS THIS!

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Dr. Sam Berne - The Perfect Vision Workshop

In this workshop with Dr. Sam Berne we talk about Vision. If you want know more about eyes and topics like eye part of the brain tissue, sun protection, red light therapy, amblyopia, lasik surgery and more just watch this video.

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The Complete 5G Mitigation Protocol

In this workshop with Ken Rohla we talk about 5th Generation (5G) Wireless Technologies and the Internet of Things (IOT). We also talk about scalar energy and its transceivers/transducers.

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Andy Mant - Biohacking Light

In this workshop with Andy Mant we talk about how blue light affects our sleep, hormones, circadian rhythms, energy levels, increases inflammation and cancer. We also discussed how to block it as well as how to biohack your light environment in order to manifest the best health ever.

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Dr. Michelle LaMasa-Schrader - Recall Healing

Can a tumor be the body's way of healing? Can a heart attack be the healing phase of the disease process? How does honoring our father and mother play a role in our health? Does all sickness and disease stem from an emotional or spiritual trauma? Learn what the root cause of all health challenges are in this eye opening live workshop with Dr. Michelle LaMasa-Schrader!

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Why Light Is More Important Than Food

Nathan Walz joins us to talk about the science of how light affects our brain and our mitochondria more than food. We discuss specific strategies to minimize toxic light exposure along with how to block blue light from indoor lighting, computers and more. If you're new to the idea that light impacts health, WATCH THIS FIRST!

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