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MMS and its role in autism, corona virus and many other problems that people have.
Will MMS be useful any time you have a flu or cold coming on?
Please share with us how did you start doing the autism things.
How many recoveries from the autism do you know?
What does it mean to lose the autism label?
What do the doctors say about the recoveries?
When you treat the autistic children and they make turnarounds is it generally by weight or the severity of the autism?
When the children lose the label of the autism do they need to be on MMS for the rest of their lives?
Are you worried about people trying to contact you via email and you don’t know who they are? Maybe they are trying to infiltrate you, etc?
What do you think is happening inside a child? Are all of these conditions viral based? Is that why MMS is working?
What is the distinction between sodium chlorite and sodium hypochlorite?
Can you explain the difference between sodium chlorite and sodium hypochlorite?
So you are not using citric acid anymore?
How to start using MMS when you don’t have any major issues?
By pathogen do you mean parasite, virus, fungus, mold, yeast, all these types of things?
Do you have to make sure your detox pathways are working?
Is it difficult to start using MMS with young children?
What are your protocols? Are they based on weight?
Changes in the American hospitals in nineteen seventies.
The causes of autism.
The effects of not enough of hydrochloric acid in our body.
What’s your best guess on what’s the main cause of autism?
Do you have the protocols based on weight listed anywhere on your website?
How are you hosting your videos if they aren’t on Youtube?
I wish the parents got this information. Working in the schools makes life a little bit complicated. You have to watch what you say.
Please tell us a little bit about some of the other supplements you have on your protocols.
When you do all these products together, especially Mebendazole along with the CDS do you show a high detox reaction from kids?
Is there a reason you’re not including ozone or DMPS in your protocol?
Did you ever consider using silver?
Which heavy metals will specifically chlorine dioxide detox?
DMSO a help for pain and inflammation.
In terms of working with children with autism what would you say is your success rate?
Chlorine dioxide, sodium chlorite (not chloride) and Clorox or bleach (sodium hypochlorite). What’s the difference?
Does chlorine dioxide accumulate in your body?
How should I use CD and an enema to aid a detoxification? How much and how often?
Do you ever combine chlorine dioxide with coffee?
Will chlorine dioxide help Lyme people?
How much and how often to use chlorine dioxide enema in adults?
Is there any difference in starting MMS protocol soon after you see some vaccine related symptoms or 4/5 years later?
Did your son stimmed a lot?
How does it feel to work with children who have turnarounds?
What can you add to make the taste of chlorine dioxide better?
Putting chlorine dioxide in capsules.
How do you do your consultations?
Using chlorine dioxide different ways and applications.
Where to buy chlorine dioxide if you live in the US and where in Europe or other continents?
Where to find more information about MMS?