Dr. Michelle LaMasa-Schrader – Recall Healing

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Objective of this workshop
Definition of recall healing
Trauma and event connections
Recall healing in practice
Dr Hamer’s findings
Triad of health psyche, brain and body
Discovering the conflict
Project/purpose programmed purpose
Family tree generational syndrome
Nothing is simple, everything is ambiguous
What is the cycle of autonomy
Life experiences: looking for patterns.
An infinite number of patterns.
Life experiences matter.
Many patterns
What’s next? Begin to uncover the pattern.
Processing and letting go – an exercise.
It takes time when one is working on themselves to be patient.
It begins with me, not with other people.
Changing perspectives and letting go.
The cycle of autonomy and the timeline. Do you always go back half of the people’s lives and then half again?
According to some people, the role of the child is to carry the burdens of their mother and father. But we don’t need to carry the same illnesses. Is that accurate?
The role of the connection to our family in health issues.
Was it doctor Hamer who said: “When someone gets a diagnosis they get a secondary virus”?
Can you tell us more about the Ho’oponopono technique?
How can the tumor be the body in the healing phase?
Where does the person start to look for answers for osteoporosis diagnosed at 52 and now 63?
Do you see people from all over the world?
Where can people get a hold of you?