Cancer Deconstructed Workshop



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In this talk we discuss…
Introduction. Dr. Gerald H. Smith’s books.
Allopathic Medicine’s Approach to treating cancer. Lab tests.
A Key Factor underlying the cause of cancer and its symptoms.
Monitoring your health with simple tests.
The initiating factors of cancer.
Quantum testing and testing points.
Question: Where can you find a doctor to do quantum tests in your area?
Question: Where can I learn how to do quantum testing?
PCR testing and cancer testing. You’re the CEO of your own health.
Different types of tests and treatment modalities. Specific protocol.
Vaccine detox. Stressors and their remedies. Vibrationally infused products.
Is taking fish oil supplements dangerous for cancer patients.
Cancer is not a disease. 9 real causes of cancer.
The three mechanisms that trigger off cancer.
Biopsy report vs Quantum Testing findings.
Stage III Melanoma, canine lip cancer, basal cell carcinoma, lung cancer, and other cancer case studies.
Cancer dental connection.
Acute myeloid leukemia case study. Toxic chemical exposure.
Question: Are biopsy and chemotherapy always a bad thing?
Question: How do you know it’s cancer without having a biopsy?
Infections as the initiators of cancer. The most accurate test for cancer.
Osteosarcoma of the leg in a 17-year-old boy.
12 steps to reversing cancer.
Why is the medical profession afraid of a natural cure for cancer?
The best methods to get rid of heavy metals.
A connection between parasites and cancer.
Question: I was diagnosed with invasive lobular carcinoma. I’m working with an ND, changing to an alkaline diet, detoxing heavy chemicals, and using homeopathic substances. I’m also taking Oncolyn, black seed oil, and beta-glucan. Is there anything else I can do?
Yes supplements.
Question: What is the correlation between dental health and cancer or overall systemic health? If someone has periodontal disease what is the best way to get rid of it?
Question: If I keep root canals can I do anything health-wise to live with them?
Question: My wife had a hysterectomy 40 years ago with radioactive cesium implants. Now she has bladder cancer, probably caused by these implants. The bladder was removed 6 months ago and now there is a blockage from the kidneys stopping urine flow. Any thoughts to help clear the blockage?
Cancer rates are rising. This is the real pandemic. Anti-cancer lifestyle. Final talks.