Essential Oils 101 Introduction


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In this talk we discuss…
Introduction. Welcoming April from
How April and Kate got interested in essential oils.
When you use oils for the first time. Ways of using oils.
What oils are the ones that you would ingest?
What’s the most popular way of using oils? The sense of smell.
Ways of using oils. Which oils to use in your bath?
Can you mix 3 oils at once?
Lemon essential oil. Carrier oils function.
DMSO. Driver oils. Copaiba oil and other spicy ones. Reducing inflammation. Oils in your toothpaste.
Thieves essential oil. Immune system support. Putting essential oils on the bottom of your feet.
A regular day with essential oils. Frankincense oil uses. Making your rollers.
Thieves spray for cleaning.
Cyprus essential oil. Everybody’s body chemistry is different.
Kate’s story of her son’s first serious injury treated with essential oil. Intuitive oiling.
Feeling good and thriving in your life. Having helpful tools when you get sick.