Andy Mant – Biohacking Light

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Who is Andy Mant and how he got involved in
Is health all about food, no gluten, and so on?
How to get a good night’s sleep? Bedroom and light hacks.
What about the red LEDs? Flicker rate.
Group on Facebook called Light and health.
Getting up before sunrise. Sungazing.
Looking at your phone in the middle of the night and in the morning.
How long do you recommend to look in the sun in the morning?
What about LEDs and work on pure DC (direct current) voltage?
Using your smartphone.
Balancing the light during the day.
Wearing blue-blocking glasses when indoors in the middle of the day.
Glaucoma and myopia.
Having your windows open for the sunlight.
Working indoors on the computer during the day and wearing the right glasses.
What glasses should you wear when driving for a long period of time in the evening?
Shift workers.
Living in modern society, using computer, TV, and smartphone.
Should people wear their glasses outside in the daytime?
Is it true that when you are wearing sunglasses out in the daytime you’re telling your body that it’s close to nighttime?
What are some ways to build solar callus? What can people with really fair skin do?
Do you know any studies about chlorophyll combined with Astaxanthin or preloading with red light therapy devices?
I have a 12 volt DC as well as a lot of LEDs. Using 3,7 volts may try 4 red LEDs in series to give a dull red light.
Infrared light health benefits if any.
The ideal indoor lighting at night. Looking at firelight. Is it beneficial?
The BluBlox company and its products.
Studies published on the support group on Facebook.