Nathan Walz – Why Light Trumps Food


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Light vs. food
Sunlight vs. electric light
Screen light spectrum
Light penetration
Light colors vs. nutrients
Optics of humans
Red light and melatonin
Why is blue light so bad?
The melatonin hormone of dark blue light turns it off.
Insulin regulates metabolism.
Leptin hormone of energy expenditure.
Inflammation behind all chronic diseases.
Circadian rhythm biological clock.
Digital eye strain.
Solutions sun breaks.
Solutions proper eye protection.
BlueTech clear lens blue light protection.
Flicker effect we don’t perceive it but our eyes do.
Iris software reducing flicker and protecting your eyes.
Recommended blue light protection.
Add red light
Sources of astaxanthin.
Become mitochondrial.
Recommended different glasses.
I’ve worked in a TV studio for many years. There was a trend of using many LEDs and CFL. I feel it wasn’t a good thing.
Can you talk more about why do we need to expose our skin to the sun as much as possible?
Building melanin. Is the only time you can do that in the morning in the absence of UV?
Any tips for protecting small children from sunburnt?
What do you think about preloading a child or ourselves with red light, taking astaxanthin, Vitamin A, or green juices to prevent from sunburnt?
Is exposing myself behind a window or a screen ok to receive the benefits of the sun?
How many milligrams of astaxanthin should I take?
Progression of the glasses. Going from clear to red ones. What are your thoughts on it?
Is it true that melatonin depletes itself? So if you build it through proper lifestyle you have to protect it?
What’s the optimal indoor light all the way to the worst?