The Complete 5G Mitigation Protocol

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5th Generation (5G) Wireless Technologies and the Internet of Things (IOT)
Disguised cell towers
Military technology built in the towers
SpaceX, Boeing and other companies planning on launching more satellites
Putting the cell towers for surveillance and spying
Satellites having a life span of only about 5 years continuing rain of satellites in the future.
Cellular companies and wireless device manufacturers earning on your personal data.
Buying into the Internet of Things
Facial recognition and analyzing people in China
Social credit score in China
Smart toasters, smart fridges, smart tooth brushes and so on
Alexa and other smart speakers
Mass surveillance according to William Binney
5G knowledge from Sacha Stone
Where is this surveillance headed?
Mass Surveillance, mass control, and global brain.
What could happen when you combine Artificial Intelligence with the Internet of Things?
Action needed to stop 5G! You can help!
The link between 5G and Geoengineering.
Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements (Superconducting Minerals) ORMUS
Recommended ORMUS products.
Scalar energy
Black holes and white holes.
The scalar energy, our solar system and us.
Scalar energy of consciousness flowing through our bodies
Feeding ORMUS elements to living organisms and healing DNA
Human brain as a scalar wave generator. Spine, nervous system and DNA as the antennas.
Fractal structure and content of superconducting ORMUS in mineral crystals
Scalar Energy transceivers/transducers in nature recognized by humans through years
Artificial scalar wave transceivers/transducers made by people
HAARP microwave or scalar wave antenna?
Home shield and rest shield powered scalar energy generators
Scalar energy medicine quantum biofeedback
Nano crystal & scalar energy EMF pendants
Harmonic shield for electronics and air tube headset
Shielding fabrics and materials
Wired Internet vs wifi
Measuring EMF
Detoxifiers and immune system builders living food, hydration, deep sleep, exercises
Secret weapon protection against EMF “Ormus homeopatics”, Quantum biofeedback devices and others.
Nano Zeolities removing toxins, heavy metals and pathogens
Scalar energized monatomic iodine
Physical detoxification and cellular regeneration herbal detox kits
Feed your brain and nervous system
Non GMO liposomal vitamin C, bulk apple pectin powder and other substances removing toxins from the body
Parasites cleansing
Hemp paste and CBD oil
Nano (ionic) silver killing pathogens and infections
Oxypowder intestinal cleanse
Pyramid power (scalar energy)
Build your own pyramid
What are your thoughts about smart meter covers and wi fi covers? Do you think they work?
Panelling on the inside that can get you less EMF.
What are your thoughts about the dirty electricity in the walls?
What do you think about grounding?
What are your thoughts about homeopathic dilutions of wifi router?
C60 and TRS products.
The website do you know if there is a 5G version of it?
What do you think about these silver lined underwear?
Radiation from cell phones and what can we do to have less exposure to it?
Are you developing any new products?
Are you planning any speaking trips?