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What are the top 5 nutrients you think are good for the heart?
In terms of the electrical aspects of the heart like atrial fibrillation, what can be done?
Do you think there is any connection at all between afib and WiFi signals and cell phones?
What are your top ways to reduce high blood pressure?
Why is CoQ10 so great? What does it do? – with Dr. Stephen Sinatra
I’ve heard opinions that people who are very high in heavy metals have high blood pressure.
I have high blood pressure for the first time in my life. I refused to take medicines
Blood pressure.
What is a heart attack pack which is available on the website: www.thepowerherbs.com?
What are your thoughts on cholesterol? It’s a big deal with all medications that doctors are trying to force on people
Degenerative bone mass and a torn meniscus in the knee. Can you suggest a diet plan to improve bone mass and prevent osteoarthritis?
What are your thoughts about hypertrophic cardiomyopathy?
Just assuming that someone has high cholesterol – what are the 5 top ways of reducing high cholesterol?
What are your thoughts about cholesterol? Should it be demonized the way it is? And how to lower it naturally?
Swallowing bacteria in the vaginal birth canal during natural birth vs C-section
How people can detoxify some of these chemicals that we are getting exposed to just breathing the air inside of our house?
Food sensitivity and being addicted to the same food that is causing people issues.
Any medicine that could kill a nail fungus on the big toe? It’s been there for about 6 months.
What are your thoughts about gluten grains?
Any information and recommendations about hemorrhoids? Is it safe to do coffee enemas when having hemorrhoids?
How to build strong bones to reverse osteoporosis?
Any good remedy for keloid scars?
Do you know of any good treatments for lipomas other than to cut them out?
Taking good care of your liver. Liver cleansing.
I’ve been lifting weights and exercising for most of my life. I noticed a drop in my libido. How can I increase my libido and testosterone?
What are prenatal vitamins? Are they supposedly helping you when pregnant?
Rebounding as a way of preventing cancer.
Scalar energy rest shield.
Root canals.
Dosage and good brand of selenium.
Is thyroid the master controller of your entire endocrine system?
Ultrasounds and electromagnetic radiation – what is your opinion about how these things can affect the development of a fetus?
Any ways we can get around having our kids vaccinated? Or if they were vaccinated – the things we can do to ensure that they are healthy afterwards?
How vaccinations could be involved in things like stillbirth, miscarriages, and so on?
Extracting wisdom teeth.
I’ve heard opinions that people who are very high in heavy metals have high blood pressure.
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