Day #13 – Fermented Foods & Microflora

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Hey, ​my friends!

Today is the 2nd to last day my friend!

Healthy bacteria.

We live in a world that’s “bacteria phobic”. We kill all bacteria not realizing that over 80% of our immune system is in our gut and directly tied the number of bacteria we have in there.

It’s been said that a healthy human should have over 1000 different species (not the total number, just the different species!) of bacteria in their gut. Studies show we have less than 300. That means we’ve lost 70% of our immune system.

How is this happening?

Chemicals and toxins
Birth control
Flu shots
Hormone rich foods
And much more…

No wonder why 80% of all doctor’s visits have to do with stomach pain. We’re killing the very things that allow us to create life.

So what do we do?

We need to start ingesting more live food full of healthy bacteria.

Here’s a list:

Wine (yes wine but not too much!)
Beer (if it’s made correctly)
Kefir (dairy and water)
Raw organic grass-fed cheese
Yogurt (coconut and dairy)
Any fermented veggies
Fermented meats

Literally, anything can be fermented. In the coming months, we’re going to do some videos about how to *easily* create fermented foods for you and your family members right at home. So stay tuned for that if you’re an Extreme Health Academy member.

Instructions: Either start making some fermented foods or buy kombucha at the store and post a picture to your Facebook or Instagram account and use #ExtremeHealthChallenge to gain more entrances to improve your chances of winning! Then go to and add that photo from your library!

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Dr. Bergman D.C., Justin & Kate