Day #1 – Juicing vs Blending

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Hi friends

Today is Day #1 are you ready to improve your digestive health in 14 days?

Today we’re talking about juicing and blending. When you’re dealing with digestive issues it’s really important to give your digestive system all the help it can in the form of food that’s been liquified.

This is where juicing and blending come in.

Make sure though that when blending, you do not drink it too fast. Make sure to chew your blended drinks. Mix your saliva with your green smoothies.

Today’s Task…

Make a green juice or a blended green smoothie. If you can’t make one, buy one from your local health food store.

Take a picture of it and upload it to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and make sure to add @extremehealthacademy to the post and use the hashtag #extremehealthchallenge.

Once you do that, go to, log in, and add a photo to that page!

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So glad you’re on a mission to change your health!

Dr. Bergman D.C., Justin & Kate