Essential Minerals Part 16 Are You Getting Enough Minerals?


I am sure that everybody reading these articles are asking themselves “whats all the fuss about” with these minerals, that most people have never heard of, much less being told they need to consume them every day.  

Not all of us are sick so why should I worry about these 90 essential nutrients.  

Most people work on the premise that ‘this is not going to happen to me’.

 I eat a healthy balanced diet and there are some nutrients in the food that we eat so that should be enough, why should I invest more money on expensive supplements.  

I had the same attitude some years ago and had I not gone through my own ‘enlightenment period’ I would be still following the same risky path.  

If you were fortunate enough to study literature in school you may be aware of the enlightenment period of Europe between 1715 to 1789 where great philosophers like Francis Bacon, Rene Descartes, Thomas Hobbes, John Locke and Baruch Spinoza basically changed the world’s ideas, based on reason, which included topics such as progress, tolerance, fraternity, and the separation of church and state.  

This inspired the French revolution and the English civil war and even Thomas Jefferson incorporated some of the ideals into the Declaration of independence and the Constitution in 1787 by James Madison.  

My point in all of this is that the French proletariat would still be eating dirt and living in squalor while the monarchy lived in high society with plenty of the finest food to eat, if had not been for these fundamental changes, that were absolutely critical to move a little closer to societal equilibrium.

You may know the expression “Qu’ils mangent de la brioche” (“Let them eat cake”), supposedly spoken by Marie Antionette (executed 1793), the selfish, frivolous wife of King Louis XVI. 

Changes in everyone’s lives is necessary to stop the continuous misery and needless death that is transpiring today because of the refusal to accept that only nutrition is going to prevent and correct disease.

The Mineral Content of Some Foods:

Today and Yesterday

There are many nutrient comparison lists available to anyone interested in reading them, here are just two tables, one that shows nutrient depletion for some fruit and vegetables between the years 1963 to 1992, and table 2 shows the mineral loss in 5 food items from 1948 to 1992.

Table 1: Nutrient (5 Minerals) loss comparison years 1963-1992  in %

You will notice from the table that some figures show a positive trend, indicating that  more of the mineral is present in 1992 vs 1963 which is fine, but the overall trend is a massive loss of minerals in produce.

If we look at Table 2 you can see the huge differences in just 3 mineral amounts between 1948 and 1992. Notice the Iron content in a Tomato (2.71g/100g), today we don’t even consider a tomato as source of Iron but in 1948 they did (193g/100g).

Today we consider Spinach to be a source of iron as they did in 1948, but today Spinach, although its considered a source of iron, it really is not, since a 100mg of Spinach contains just 2.7mg of Iron compared to 1948 when it contained 158mg.

Table 2: Comparative data between 1948 vs. 1992 for 3 minerals

As I have stated before, what nutrients should be in food as opposed to what is actually contained there are 2 different scenarios.  The following charts show what the Amino Acid profile and the Mineral Content should be for just 2 vegetable examples, Lettuce and Beets:


Beets Mineral Chart

Lettuce Mineral Chart

So from the nutrient charts above you can appreciate that a stupid piece of lettuce should contain 27 Minerals and 16 Amino Acids.

What is written on the packaging for organic lettuce..triple washed and free of GMOs.

Well the last time I checked, the biotech industry have never used lettuce in their Frankenstein experiments, and the fact that its triple washed ( hopefully with non poisonous water ) does not amount to a ‘hill of beans’.

What about the nutrients ??,  the suppliers can say nothing because they have no idea what is in the product, let alone what should be in there..Well you know now.

Similiarly, Beets should have 23 minerals and 14 Amino Acids.  What of other nutrients ?.  There are at least 17 other beneficial nutrients in Lettuce as shown in the next chart:

In summary Lettuce SHOULD contain 27 Minerals, 16 Amino Acids and 17 Vitamins and Healthy fats and Fiber.  Not bad for a stupid lettuce leaf on your plate.

Finally, let us look at the other nutrients in Beets other than amino acids and minerals.  The chart below highlights these nutrients:

Beetroot by natural design should contain 14 Amino Acids, 23 Minerals, and 22 Vitamins and other nutrients.

Now I hope you can appreciate that all plants be rich in healthy nutrients, and if they were, there would be no need to supplement and the plants themselves would not need synthetic fertiliser or Pesticides.


Every living organism in our oceans have access to all minerals needed to sustain life without disease, so every living creature and plants residing in our oceans are uniform in their structure, growth, healthy body and its defense mechanisms, amostly free of any ailments.

This is not the case on land, crops, plants, fruits and vegetables vary in size and quality and are certainly not free of disease or blight and discoloration as in plants.

Of course this includes humans which in general are so sick, most are surviving on man made synthetic drugs to maintain some level of ‘health’ because most people are not taking it seriously the daily need for essential nutrients including all minerals. So why do they exist then ???.

Plants, animals, humans need minerals and nutrients to defend themselves.

This ‘disaster’ on land is exacerbated by the use of poisons as a means of pest control.  

Has it not occurred to anybody that if plants had access to all inorganic minerals, there would be no need to spray the crops with herbicides, fungicides, pesticides, suicides and uncle Tom cobbler and all.

One of the main reasons why plants should have access to all minerals, like their counterparts in the ocean is that they can develop good defenses against pests.; .it is only the weak plants (mineral deficient) that the pests go after, not healthy nutrient dense plants because the pest whatever it is, is risking its ass by attacking a ‘well armed’ plant.

“What we have today is nutrient deficient food from nutrient deficient plants feeding nutrient deficient people which is like expecting soldiers to enter a battlefield with sticks and harsh language to fight an enemy armed to the teeth with guns and artillery.”

Our food, Our Poison

I cannot believe that some physicians are not fed up seeing sick invalid patients with the same sick ailments over and over, especially when they need not to be there in the first place, if for example, they had not eaten their way into the physician’s office to begin with.  

The argument is that we need medical staff to fix hernias, slipped discs and hip replacements etc, but if those people had developed a sound robust defense system and adequate skeletal structural integrity in the first place most of these problems would not have happened.

If crops and plants had been nourished with all the nutrients there would be no need to spray the poisons on to them, as I said above.

People avoid conventional crops because of the poison residue on them, and prefer to eat organically grown produce, but organic food is also nutrient deficient unless the organic farmers replenish the soil with all essential minerals and not just NPK fertilizer (Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium).

How can you possibly expect to have healthy crops and plants when all they are nourished with are 3 minerals instead of at least 50 minerals and more, that they need.  

Plants and crops are our friends, our lifeline, our cousins in nature that absorb all minerals inorganically and produce organic nutrient dense crops for our consumption.

The animals that we consume can only be healthy if they eat the food they are designed to eat, cows eat grass, they have the DNA blueprints to make the enzymes necessary to metabolise the grass and the machinery to digest it.  

Cows are not designed to eat corn and grain they will be malnourished, starved of nutrients and sick  

To inject these poor animals with drugs is a crime against nature….it does not matter there just dumb animals..are they ?..they still feel pain and anxiety.  Starve the crops, starve the animals, starve the people of badly needed nutrients, and then eventually important will the food industry’s bottom line be then?


When I read Dr Murray’s book ‘Sea energy Agriculture’

I was fascinated with his experiments in what is Hydroponics ?.

Simple, raising Plants from Sea Minerals..all of them.  

Plant structure is a matter of chemistry, once the seed is planted it relies solely on the moisture from the environment to complete its first cell division.

After that, the formation of the plant is dependent on the minerals in the soil that is available to it.  

Missing inorganic nutrients that must be suspended in moisture or dissolved in water will build an inferior plant and be a different organism from its design.

Hydroponics does not use soil but a crushed inert granular material that provides the plant’s foundation and the use of wires enabling it to climb if necessary.

The plant’s roots are flooded several times per day with fresh water containing dissolved sea solids.

Dr Murray informs us that 95% of the plants dry weight is comprised of 4 elements Nitrogen, Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen.

The rest of the dry weight is composed of macro nutrients that include Phosphorous,Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Silicon, Sodium, Sulphur, Boron, and Chlorine.

Less than 1% are comprised the trace minerals which are just as essential as the other more abundant nutrients.

To ensure that the hydroponically grown plants are fed all the ocean sourced minerals, a single solution of diluted sea water (dissolving sea solids in fresh water in approximate amounts of 1000 to 8000 ppm) and Nitrogen.

What is incredible is that Dr Murray started perfecting this plant growth procedure in 1936 and some time after had results and data that growing plants in sea water provided magnificent results compared to conventional soil grown plants.

In 1940 he planted peach trees hydroponically and then sprayed them with ‘Curley leaf virus’ and not one tree contracted the disease.

The same thing happened when he sprayed the Tobacco Mosiac virus on tomato plants; not one contracted the disease.

Interestingly he injected Jensen Carcino Sarcoma (a type of hard tumor cancer ) into 25 rats (Control) who were fed with conventional soil based food and 25 rats (Experimental) with sea solid based food.

All the control rats died within 21 days after the cancer injection, and 9 of the experimental died within 40 days, 16 lived 5 months and the rest survived without signs of cancer.  

Dr Murray had hoped that when his book was published his groundbreaking discovery’s would make sweeping changes within agriculture and food industry, but alas everything was ignored just like Dr Beards discovery of the Enzyme treatment for cancer.  

“Deaf ears, closed minds, money is more important than saving lives.”

Trace Minerals and Birth Defects

Dr Wallach relates the perfect analogy between a car assembly line and embryonic development, when cars are slowly being assembled it reaches the robot that is supposed to  install the wheel nuts and the installation robot fails in the middle of the installation.

When the car reaches the end stage, 2 wheels are loose so the car is defective as it rolls off the assembly line.

Thankfully quality control pick up the problem and get it fixed.  

During embryonic development if something fails to be ‘assembled’ usually due to a missing ‘part’, (a nutrient(s)) there is a chance that the offspring maybe born with a defect, quality control cannot fix it beyond the 90 days after conception.  

It is imperative that at least 3-6 months prior to conception the prospective mother is in good health, since the embryo develops into a fetus complete with all body tissue and organs in place within the first 3 months of conception.  

Pediatric medicine are not taught how crucial essential nutrients are for the developing embryo and indeed the mother, so everything is left to chance. The CDC’s position on birth defects is quoted as follows:

“But for most birth defects, we don’t know what causes them. For most birth defects, we think they are caused by a complex mix of factors.

These factors include our genes (information inherited from our parents), our behaviors, and things in the environment.

But, we don’t fully understand how these factors might work together to cause birth defects.”

As the CDC report, in the US, 1 in every 33 births, a birth defect occurs and since a baby is born every 41/2 minutes that is 120,000 babies are born with some type of defect.

In the UK the situation is comparatively worse, one in 50 babies has birth a defect, the most common being congenital heart failure affecting 5 in 1,000/year.

Research figures recorded  at least 14,500 babies were born with a defect in 2009.

The estimated incidence of Cleft Lip/Palate is 15 in 10,000 born, and 27 in 10,000 are born with Downs Syndrome.

The news article quoted Professor Joan Morris Medical statistics Queen Mary University of London who said that:

People believe it may be something to do with Folic Acid but that’s not been proven.”

I don’t know what people she is referring to, but someone’s on the right track…lol

Dr. Wallach who has spent the last 50 years in biomedical research and his research in comparative medicine and pathology based on 17,500 autopsies of a wide variety of animal species and 4700 human autopsies sued the FDA 8 times and won, so the health industry can now say: Folic Acid is crucial in preventing certain birth defects.  Arsenic, which everybody knows is a deadly poison, but in trace amounts such as boiling a few pine needles in water and drinking it can prevent Miscarriages, but if you are supplementing all 90 essential nutrients Arsenic in appropriate trace amounts is included.

So now I know the people that Dr Morris is referring to…the Health Industry,

I guess the health industries don’t talk to each…well..its only another child that born…after all there is one born every 41/2 minutes.

Trace Minerals and Trisomy 21 (Down’s Syndrome)

The Trisomytest website states that Trisomy is a random error in cell division caused by improper egg maturation, generally referred to as ‘Down’s Syndrome’  (classifications are Trisomy 21 (Down’s syndrome), Trisomy 18 (Edwards syndrome) and Trisomy 12 (Patau syndrome)).

Problems occur when there are an abnormal number of chromosomes (e.g 47 instead of 46), and the risk of a newborn with this abnormal condition according to Trisomytest is directly proportional to the age of the mother (Age of the mother = 30 risk is 1 in 1000, at 40 1in 100 and at age 50 1in 10).  

What they have observed in terms of old mothers is probably correct because our nutrient absorption potential can diminish as we age especially if you are not taking all 90 essential nutrients.  

Dr Wallach states that Trisomy can be produced under laboratory conditions by creating a Zinc nutritional deficiency during the formation and development of the sperm and the egg.  

He goes on to say that most, if not all birth defects, have been eradicated within the animal industry by ensuring that all animals receive adequate nutrition in their feed.  

A few pennies a day/animal worth of essential nutrients has eliminated Hydrocephalus (cerebrospinal fluid in the brain), Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida,Downs Syndrome, Heart Defects, Cleft Lip/Palate, Muscular Dystrophy, Cystic Fibrosis, Hernias, and Limb and Digit Defects.

Identical Twins that fail to separate and are born joined at the head, or the chest or abdomen can be avoided and preventable for $50 worth of preconception vitamins and minerals taken 3 months prior to conception and once a month during pregnancy ( and ideally for a lifetime after that).  

When the Lakeberg twins born in Indiana in June 1993 they shared a defective heart and one liver.

It was possible to save one and sacrifice the other, and then 11 months and 19 days the surviving twin died.  

For the sake of $40 of supplements that could have prevented this heartbreak it cost over a $million of medical costs in an attempt to fix the problem.


In my humble opinion without the work and ground breaking research of Dr Joel Wallach and colleagues, the truth behind the real power of nutrients and their crucial necessity to human health and longevity, would still be hidden from plain view.  

He should receive the Nobel prize for his work amongst the animal and human kingdom and he, and he alone would be a vital information interface between the veterinary world and allopathic medicine that could change society and health forever..ACROSS THE PLANET…anybody heard of the Hunsas?

To me it is only logical that the cause of our frightening increases in chronic disease and the sorrowful process of ageing is the absence of a complete, balanced physiological chemistry”

-Quote from the 1976 book Sea Energy Agriculture  Maynard Murray MD

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Author: Eric Malouin