Day #9 – Grounding For Health

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Hey friends!

Today is Day #9! How is the challenge going so far for you? I hope great!

Grounding to the earth enables us to push off the electrostatic charge that builds up inside our tissues when we’re exposed to non-native EMF like blue light, wireless signals, cell towers, and computer radiation.

All of these things not only dehydrate us at the mitochondrial level but also break down tissue and eventually age us faster than we should.

What’s the solution?


That is standing on the earth with bare feet. You can stand on stone, rock, dirt, grass, sand, or any surface that conducts electricity. Also when you’re outside you’re being exposed to fresh air, full-spectrum sunlight that heals us and recalibrates our circadian biology, the magnetism of the earth as well as the Schumann Resonance.

Here’s what you have to do for today’s task…

Instructions: Go outside and stand on the earth with your bare feet. If you can’t do that simply touch a tree with your hand for as long as you can. Take a picture of that and use the hashtag #ExtremeHealthChallenge and show us what you’re doing!

Note: You must do complete today’s mission at in order to gain more points!

Dr. Bergman D.C., Justin & Kate