Day #10 – The Water Trick

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Hi Again!

The Extreme Health Challenge is almost over. After today there are only 4 days left!

The water trick…

Drinking water first thing upon rising is critical for your health, as is getting grounded and full spectrum sunlight into your eyes.

But for now, we’re going to talk about making sure you drink 24-30 ounces of warm water right when you wake up and then do certain exercises to push that water through your system.

This is going to reset your microbiome, flush toxins out of the body, increase circulation, hydrate the mitochondria, increase the electrical charge and signaling capacity of your cells and so much more.

This is huge!

Instructions: Start by drinking 30 ounces of warm water right when you wake up. Then perform the specific exercises that Dr. Bergman shows in the video for today Take a picture and use the hashtag #ExtremeHealthChallenge and @ExtremeHealthAcademy

Note: You must do complete today’s mission at in order to gain more points!

Dr. Bergman D.C., Justin & Kate