Day #1 – Healthy Fats & Minerals

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Hey my friends!

Today is Day #1 are you ready to improve your health in 14 days?

Nutrients are critical for our brain, eyes, and ultimately our nervous system health. The main nutrients I want you to consider are Omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamin C, and a liquid plant-based mineral source.

Also, I want you to consider taking in more healthy fats into your diet like…

Nuts and seeds (and their kinds of butter)
Egg yolks
Organic grass-fed butter or ghee
Fish oils

There are many more but those are a great place to start. We’ve been sold a lie that fats make people fat or fats cause disease.

Our brains and nervous system needs healthy fats to live, thrive, and experience robust health!

Today’s Task…

If you don’t already have any of these healthy fats in your home, stop at the grocery or health food store and purchase one item, take it home and consume it in some way.

Take a picture of it and upload it to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and make sure to add @extremehealthacademy to the post and use the hashtag #extremehealthchallenge.

Once you do that, go to, log in, and add a photo to that page!

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Also just be aware you’ll get an email every day for just 14 days sharing exactly how to earn more points so you can win the grand prize!


Note: You must do complete today’s mission at in order to gain more points!

So glad you’re on a mission to change your health!

Dr. Bergman D.C., Justin & Kate