90 Essential Nutrients: Part 17 : Trace Minerals and Conclusion


I have tabled below the more rare/ultra trace minerals that we know exist in the human body but some are unknown in terms of their biological function.  Since on average it takes approximately 10 years to perform the research and discover their purpose, it is better to supplement all 60 minerals now rather than wait.

Table 1: The Trace minerals and their biological purpose

At this juncture, we are at the conclusive part of this series of articles, I would like to express my gratitude and fortunate circumstance to have read Dr Olree’s ‘Minerals for the Genetic Code’, a fascinating monograph written by a very unique, brilliant chiropractor and theoretical geneticist.

He informs us that the human genome calls for 64 minerals, a fact that he discovered by analysing the 23 Chromosomes, using a fast computer that produced not only the mineral and Amino Acid Codon sequence, but how many times it is used within the DNA.

To give you an idea how much number crunching the processor had to accomplish, the first Chromosome 1 is 1.4 million pages long.

Dr Olree spent a number of years taking the Standard Genetic Chart ( the 3 letter Codon sequence of Amino acids ), and Walter Russel’s Octave chart of minerals’, breaking down each chromosome to extract the minerals, he was able to develop a Periodic Chart ‘The Olree Biological Periodic Chart’ that also included 22 sub atomic particles*

Being a Chiropractor by profession he superimposed this Mineral/Codon Sequence over the human spine in its development stages from Somites ( each of the body segments that are present in the embryonic stages of vertebrates) thus associating the Mineral/Codon sequence to the individual spinal segment locations.

As he states, this work is not set in stone, but gives us a correlative relationship between minerals and how they influence spinal segments, and the movement of spinal segments, as is the work of the chiropractic profession, to restore health to the physically, chemically and emotional challenged body, changing RNA expression from DNA’s everychanging environmental perception of each host.

I have diagrammatically recreated this relationship shown below, from Dr Olree’s book, but there is more correlation which is contained in the book such as Acupuncture Meridians and I Ching ( Chinese word that refers to ‘Changes’) which Dr Olree superimposed, the work of Author Johnson Yan from his book ‘DNA and I Ching.

I highly recommend reading Dr Olree’s book ‘Minerals for the Genetic Code’; it is a fascinating and interesting read, and quite unique in its content, and it amplifys the absolute cruciality for minerals and human health.

This invaluable work that Dr Olree has completed allows the researcher to identify minerals that are associated with gene expression.

Furthermore, Dr Olree has identified a Mineral to Amino acid relationship ( as shown in the diagram below), where he explains as an example, when Magnesium is absorbed, its ‘Amino Acid Pairing partner’ Alanine harvests the magnesium from the intestinal tract and transports it to various internal body locations that require it, as in this case the DNA script.

This is ground breaking because, instead of just implying that a gene is mutant which is the entire basis of conventional medicine’s genetic transmission of disease, it is more conceivable that the gene is compromised by a mineral deficiency.

Using this conversion of protein sequencing to minerals, an example would be a deficiency in Silicon that cause ovarian Cancer not a mutant gene per say.

*Sub atomic particles were claimed to exist by Walter Russell (1871-1963), and they represent particular mineral ratios, used within the DNA infrastructure. The diagram below contains 22 sub atomic particles which are probably unknown by most ( e,g Helionon, Berbegen etc ).  You can view Russell’s original periodic chart of elements in his book ‘Atomic Suicide’, here is the link : https://www.svpwiki.com/Introduction—An-Open-Letter,-I,-page-xiv.

90 Essential Nutrients: Conclusion

It has been a long journey and 17 articles to cover the very medicine that all humans need to maintain health.

Nobody is drug deficient and many are 90 essential nutrient deficient which potentially can lead you into the world of prescription drugs or alternatively, change your dietary habits and lifestyle.

You may think it is normal to wake up feeling lousy, or feeling you haven’t had a good night’s rest, or dragging your feet to and at work with no energy, cravings for nutritionless food, suffering migraine headaches on a regular basis.

You think that your poor dental hygiene is caused by not enough flossing or bad teeth brushing or lack of using a mouthwash.

You are getting older and you go for your annual check-up and your physician analyzes your blood work and he decides that you need some drugs for your ‘measured’ hypertension, high blood sugars, high cholesterol.  

These are all symptoms caused by inadequate nutritional fuel that your body needs, and all these ‘symptoms are the body’s attempt to adapt to the environment that you are subjecting your body to.

You are probably not going to die, although you might feel like it sometimes, but your body is ‘running on empty’ so its leaching nutrients from anywhere in the body to keep the energy factory going, because the body’s prerogative is survival and this is its number one priority and if that means making you feel like crap then so be it.

You yourself adapt as well, unknowing that you could feel much better, but maybe sacrificing this state by eating food that contains very little nutrition but tastes great, is your ‘bag’ then ok.  

This is like ‘enjoy now and pay later’ scenario.

You can get away with this in your younger years because all internal systems are in overdrive, metabolism is fast, and energy is at full throttle, but as you get older your internals begin to slow down and become a little less efficient, and you think you can still eat the same way as you did when you were younger, but the ‘buzz’ is gone and your energy levels have diminished, your taking on weight and you start to feel like ‘death warmed up’ in the mornings, and you just want to go back to bed and call in sick.

Finally, as the months and years pass and you don’t change anything, you are inching your way closer to that person in the white coat who is not going to be very sympathetic, and whose tactic maybe to scare you into a ‘If you don’t take this’ scenario.  

He/She is not going to advise you on nutritional lifestyle changes because they are not trained in providing this consultation.

They are only trained in providing biological pathway bypass/blocking substances.  

I am not advising you one way or the other but there should be enough information in the last 17 articles to base your choices on.

There are two principal methods of treating disease. One is the combative, the other the preventive. The trend of modern medical research and practice in our great colleges and endowed research  institutes is almost entirely along combative lines, while the individual, progressive physician learns to work more and more along preventive lines. It is an example of “Beelzebub against the Devil.”

Quote from the book Nature Cure Henry Lindlahr MD

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Author: Eric Malouin