Day #8 – Upgrade Your Furniture

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Hi friends!

Day #8 we’re more than halfway done!!

Something we don’t think about is the number of toxins that are in our furniture.

These chemicals are constantly off-gassing and poisoning the air we breathe in our homes.

This is putting constant stress on our immune system. Our immune system never gets a break and is constantly trying to create new white blood cells in order to kill these pathogenic invaders.

Your immune system is working overtime trying to deal with these toxins when it should be focused on killing potential cancer cells in our bodies.

Our health is like a teeter-totter we rode when we were kids. It’s not one thing that’s destroying our lives, it’s the accumulation of many things that are wearing us down.

Eventually, one more toxic exposure tips the balance, and our body can’t stay on top of any of them any longer.

It’s like the death of a thousand cuts. It isn’t one single cut that kills us, it’s the accumulation of hundreds of them.

Let’s clean up our furniture inside our homes.

Instructions: Most furniture nowadays is made with subtly toxins ingredients that can slowly make you very sick over a long period of time. Consider going through your house and switching out the factory-made furniture which usually contains harmful chemicals for furniture that’s made of organic, natural materials. Take a picture using the hashtag #ExtremeHealthChallenge to show us your new or old furniture!

Note: You must do complete today’s mission at in order to gain more points!

Dr. Bergman D.C., Justin & Kate