Day #6 – Ditch The Chemicals

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Hi again!

We’re humming right along for day #6 of this challenge. How are you going so far?

Your kitchen is the most important area of your home. If you want to start the path of success, you have to design a life that facilitates what you’re going after.

You can have all the desire and discipline you want but if the structure and foundation of how you live day to day do not support your desired outcome, unfortunately, you’re set up for failure.

This is why you absolutely must do an overhaul of your kitchen. Your home should be a place of healing, not where you get sicker.

Everything in your home should be helping support this new healthy life you’re now living. Bad food in your home is bad energy and eventually during a time of low dopamine levels, you will give in.

Instructions: Go through your entire kitchen to find anything that contains harmful ingredients. If you can’t pronounce an ingredient then it probably doesn’t belong in your body. A good rule is to not consume anything that comes in a package unless it’s mother nature’s package like an orange peel. 🙂

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Talk to you tomorrow!

Dr. Bergman D.C., Justin & Kate