Metabolic Typing: Part 6 (What Type Are You?)


In this concluding part we will discover how each of us can establish our own Metabolic type and get an idea what appropriate supplements are available to support our metabolic type.

Establishing Your Metabolic Type

In the book ‘The Metabolic Typing Diet’ book written by William Wolcott and Trish Fahey they included a metabolic self test that you get on line.  The link is below :

If you answer honestly it will give you a pretty good idea what metabolic type you are which could be ‘Protein’ type (Parasympathetic dominant) or a ‘Carbo type (Sympathetic dominant) or a mixed type (Balanced).  You also may be somewhere in between but once you have completed the test :


If your A answers are > or = to 5 compared to both B and C answers ( e,g A=25, B=20, C=15) then you are probably leaning toward a Carbo type


If your C answers are > or = to 5 compared to both A and B answers ( e,g A=15, B=20, C=25) then you are probably leaning toward a Protein type


If your B answers are > or = to 5 compared to both A and C answers ( e,g A=20, B=25, C=15) then you are probably leaning toward a Mixed type

We established before that there are 4 basic types :

  • Sympathetic Dominant;
  • Parasympathetic Dominant;
  • Oxidative Fast;
  • Oxidative Slow

Here is another table that might be helpful and lists typical characteristics pertaining to the above 4 basic types :


Parasympathetic type Sympathetic type Fast Oxidizer Slow Oxidizer
Strong digestion Weak digestion Strong appetite Weak appetite
Moist/oily skin Dry skin Low blood sugar Normal blood sugar
Short in height Tall in height Has to eat regularly Can skip meals
Good athletic recovery Good athletic speed Fast tissue healing Slow tissue healing
Slow breathing rate Fast breathing rate Severe reaction to insect bites Mild reaction to insect bites
Type B personality Type A personality Type A personality Type B personality
Calm relaxed disposition Hyper/Nervous disposition Lives in the future Lives in the past

The characteristics shown in Table 2 are a rough guideline since as dominant individuals achieve balance these traits could change or tone down.

Note: I want to point here that this whole discussion throughout the series on the ANS is dealing with Chemical balance.  It would definitely be my recommendation that you check your ANS for physical integrity so it is balanced physically which is of equal importance to the chemical balance. and the man to do that is Dr. John Bergman..who else but Hippocrates of our modern day.

Basic diets

        ‘When diet is wrong, synthetic medicine is of no use

        When diet is correct, synthetic medicine is of no need’

From the previous discussion that has highlighted the 2 main factors that dictate metabolic types we can define two groups, Group I and Group II.

Group I

Sympathetic dominants  and Slow Oxidisers who are the Carbo burners need a more plant based diet with a small amount of protein but heavily weighted toward fruit and vegetables.  

Sympathetics tend to lean more on the acid side PH and slow oxidisers lean toward more alkaline so Group I foods acidify the slow oxidisers and alkalise the acidic sympathetics, thus helping to move both types toward balance.

Group II

The group II general dietary recommendations containing a high protein and fat and a small amount of Carbohydrates help balance the the fast oxidisers by alkalizing their acidic tendencies and acidifying the alkaline nature of the Parasympathetics. This group are the Protein burners that need of a more meat type of diet.

The mixed types for both ANS and cellular oxidisers have a much greater dietary freedom and can eat most anything.

In William Wolcott’s book ‘The metabolic typing diet’ there are whole sections outlining in detail foods to be eaten and foods to be avoided.  As he points out :

  • Not all proteins are the same
  • Not all carbohydrates are the same
  • Not all fats are the same
  • Not all macronutrient ratios are the same

The BALANCE of Macronutrients (proteins,carbohydrates,fats), and Micronutrients (Vitamins & Minerals) are all different among individuals, so as diets are individualised so is supplementation.

Supplementation of Micronutrients is not a ‘quick fix’ to an unhealthy and incorrect diet, they provide essential nutrition as an addition or a ‘gap filler’ to nutrients that are missing in food due to depleted soils where the food is grown.  

Above all do not try to mix prescription drugs and nutritional supplementation, this is a bad idea and will confuse the body and you will suffer in the long run. Hippocrates said it best :

“One man’s food is another man’s Poison”

Conventional Clinical Testing

William Wolcott in his wonderful book on metabolic typing mentions a 1998 article in Psychiatric times that 20% of Americans are essentially hypochondriacs wasting $20 billion/year on unnecessary visits to the allopath and medical tests.  

Let me see..I wonder why this is..maybe during previous visit (s) the allopath failed to reassure the patient that health is your bodies default state providing you put in the right fuel.  

That you have built in your body ‘blueprints’ that can metabolise certain food designed for your body.

Food that has been altered or destroyed and has transformed into something other than ‘food’, the body has to adapt, and in doing so, your body might cause you some discomfort or even pain.  

But I do have something that’s in a box containing many sheets of small print that you will have difficulty reading or understand.  

Again it’s something that your body has no blueprint for, but at least you will feel more comfortable while its eroding your health.  

“So what’s it gonna be..Open box 1 or 2 ??..your choice, your life ?”.

As Wolcott points out,  laboratory blood tests, urine analysis, hair analysis are of little value if at all, since they are ‘snapshots’ in time and unless the health condition of an individual is so advanced that whatever is making them sick is on the brink of collapse, then the medical test will show something like ‘Near to death’..reset necessary.

It must also be appreciated that the approach to reading a blood test is based on the same diagnostic criteria as the ‘symptom cover up’ approach to treatment, in that it might show one organ failing but is that specific organ failing or is it something connected to it upstream or downstream.  

Wolcott refers to standard nutritionists or even some alternative practitioners approach to treatment as a ‘Grab bag’ procedure, matching symptoms to a specific nutrient deficiency so it might work by luck not by design.

How is any test, blood, urine etc going to tell you what is missing in the cell ?. because that’s where nutrients are needed to produce energy.

Even if you could find out, it’s irrelevant, unless you know the individual’s Metabolic Type.

A meat eater, like a traditional Eskimo, will have a high intracellular level of Potassium compared to Calcium, but just the opposite for a slow oxidizers which is why they need to eat a high carb diet of vegetables etc to boost their intracellular Potassium levels.   

For example, go and order a blood test to verify your Potassium levels.  

I can tell you already..Normal, why?..because 98% of Potassium is sitting in your tissue not the blood.  

Wolcott states another excellent example; go and order a blood test to check for Calcium levels..the predicted outcome..Normal (how did you guess)..why? because in your body’s infinite wisdom it maintains normal calcium levels in the blood even if has to rob it from your bones or teeth since it has to for your survival.

You might have a roaring Calcium deficiency somewhere else in the body but blood calcium levels are normal.   Its whats called:

‘Homeostasis baby’

Clinical Metabolic Type Testing

If you are chronically sick we don’t all have the tremendous courage, will and knowledge that Kelley had when he cured himself of Stage IV Pancreatic cancer, so some of us need to have some health coaching/counselling to guide us through our health challenge.  

Metabolic typing (MT) clinicians have a very different approach to patients that require their services.  

The MT is seeking answers to your overall imbalance, not any specific symptom of adaptation (disease).  

There are metabolic typing clinics including William Wolcott’s ( probably the smartest man on the planet with regards to metabolic typing today).  

As Wolcott points out, visiting his clinic requireS you to undergo certain tests.

Prior to your visit you are asked to complete a questionnaire, and during your visitation they will test your blood glucose level, pulse,respiratory rate, blood pressure etc, and asked various question regarding energy level, appetite etc.  

The visit will take around 2 hours to complete, with a follow up toward fine tuning dietary recommendations.

Supplemental Nutrients

In Kelley’s analysis of the two basic dominant metabolisers, he referred to as Type 1 the Sympathetic Dominants and Type 2 Parasympathetic dominants which he recommended the following:

Type 1 Sympathetic Dominants

Sympathetic Dominant Metabolizers most often need supplementation that includes: Vitamin D; Vitamin K; Ascorbic Acid; Biotin; Folic Acid; Vitamins B1, B2 and B6; PABA; Niacin; Potassium; Magnesium; Manganese; Zinc; Chromium; Hydrochloric Acid; Pancreatic Enzymes and Amino Acids.

Kelley also observed that sympathetic dominant type one metabolisers in general were also slow oxidisers burning their carbohydrate intake slowly which the body uses fairly inefficiently but blood sugar levels remain steady. They are, by and large vegetarian dominant and very rarely crave meat, except for fish, but when they do consume meat they feel a loss of energy.

They can normally tolerate whole grain bread, pasta etc, milk eggs, and do well on nuts, seeds and most green leafy vegetables and fruit.

Type 2 Parasympathetic Dominants

Parasympathetic dominant metabolizers most often need supplementation that includes : Vitamins E and B-12; Niacinamide, Pantothenic Acid, Choline, Inositol, Calcium, Phosphorus, Calcium Ascorbate, Bioflavonoid Complex, Zinc and Ribonucleic Acid. These metabolizers should eat at bedtime enough to carry them through the night. They should not eat leafy green vegetables or take large quantities of the B vitamins.

Kelley also observed that Parasympathetic dominant Type two metabolizers possess a rapid carbohydrate burn so much so they can develop Hypoglycemia — low blood sugar. Eating fruits, vegetables and sweets, fluctuations in blood sugar and energy occur several times during the day.

These metabolisers have to consume meat; fatty, heavy, purine meat including  lamb, beef, salmon, and sardines.  

Fast oxidisers that are generally the Parasympathetics slow their metabolism by the consumption of fatty meat and their blood sugar and energy levels do not fluctuate.  They also handle well  on root vegetables, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, carrot juice, and beans, cream and butter and small amount of grains.

Supplements for Parasympathetic Dominants

(Supplied by HealthExcel)

Para MT – Specific MT formulation for the Parasympathetic Dominant, designed to support the parasympathetic system and strengthen the sympathetic system*.

Creation of this proprietary and unique formulation carefully considered not only specific nutrients, but equally important, matched the specific nutrient carriers to the intended metabolic effect on both the target system as well as body pH.

The combination of these elements makes this formulation unique and incredibly effective for its purpose*.

Each capsule supplies Vitamin B-1 500 mcg., Vitamin B-2 2 mg., Vitamin B-3 20 mg., Vitamin B-5 30 mg., Vitamin B-12 400 mcg., Vitamin C 131 mg., Calcium 95 mg., Phosphorus 29 mg., Magnesium 10 mg., Chromium 50 mcg., L-Glycine 25 mg., L-Glutamine 10 mg., L-Glutamic Acid 10 mg., L-Phenylalanine 20 mg., L-Tyrosine 35 mg., Betaine 10 mg., Coenzyme Q-10 10 mg., Quercetin 20 mg., Rutin 20 mg.Quercetin 10 mg.  90 capsules

Supplements for Sympathetic Dominants

(Supplied by HealthExcel)

Sym MT – Specific MT formulation for the Sympathetic Dominant, designed to support the sympathetic system and strengthen the parasympathetic system*.

Creation of this proprietary and unique formulation carefully considered not only specific nutrients, but equally important, matched the specific nutrient carriers to the intended metabolic effect on both the target system as well as body pH.

The combination of these elements makes this formulation unique and incredibly effective for its purpose*.

Each capsule supplies Vitamin B-1 2 mg., Vitamin B-2 2.5 mg., Vitamin B-3 10 mg., Vitamin B-6 15 mg., Vitamin C 179 mg., Vitamin K 7.5 mcg., Chromium 7 mcg., Magnesium 40 mg., Manganese 10 mg., Potassium 70 mg., Silica (Horsetail) 5 mg., Vanadium 1 mcg., Zinc 3 mg., L-Alanine 10 mg., L-Arginine 10 mg., L-Isoleucine 15 mg., L-Leucine 10 mg., L-Lysine 10 mg., L-Ornithine 20 mg., L-Serine 10 mg., Betaine 15 mg., Coenzyme Q-10 10 mg., Quercetin 10 mg.  90 capsules

Metabolic Typing Review

We have discussed the following throughout the series :

  1. ANS (Sympathetic dominance =Acid, Parasympathetic dominance=Alkaline)
  2. Oxidation ( Fast = acid, Slow=alkaline)
  3. Catabolic (Tissue =alkaline, system=acid), Anabolic ( Tissue=acid, system=alkaline)
  4. Electrolyte/fluid balance
  5. Prostaglandin Pathways (Omega 3/Omega 6 balanced ratio)
  6. Endocrine (Pituitary,thyroid, parathyroid,adrenal,gonads) .
  7. Respiration
  8. Balanced individuals

Balanced Individuals

If you are like me with a chemically balanced ANS and a balanced cellular oxidation you don’t need metabolic typing because you know already your metabolic type.

If you feel good, whatever you eat and you have energy to jog for 1/2 hour every day and play tennis 9-12 hours per week like I do.  Apart from a few aches like I have, abusing my body, then you can say you’re pretty well healthy and balanced.

A healthy balanced individual eating correctly and supplementing correctly will automatically direct his/her body to equilibrium and the list of balance criteria shown above will be satisfied.  

Imbalance will reveal itself in many ways, but these are symptoms or signaling to the host tells the host that something has got out of Balance, which 95%  of the time can be corrected with appropriate diet and supplements.

Digestive Enzymes and Apple Cider Vinegar

If you are a certain age like over 50 like me than I would recommend taking Digestive enzymes (the Gonzalez blend) between 3-5 before every meal so you take the load off the pancreas.  There is not an infinite supply of enzymes from this organ, which is why people on nutritionless diets, eating cooked food 95% of the time, consuming no raw food (even fruit), max out their pancreas.

Eventually, it’s going to start ‘pushing back’, saying ‘enough is enough I am exhausted, and then you might be in worse trouble because the pancreas will refuse to excrete metabolic enzymes needed for your tissue/organ replacements.  

In addition, assume at some point you might not produce enough stomach acid, causing nutrient absorption problems and the Grim reaper will be waiting with his bag of antacids.

So consume organic apple cider vinegar daily (What I do is juice vegetables daily in filtered water and apple cider vinegar ) and don’t ‘skimp on the Salt..remember, this is an essential nutrient.  

Joel Wallach in his great book on Epigenetics tells us about the heat wave that occurred in the upper midwest and the east coast where temperatures rose above 110 F (43 C) and 733 people lost their lives, strangely enough these temperatures are quite common in India and Egypt but no one there dies of heat and they don’t even have air conditioners.

The state medical examiner was perplexed, and as Wallach states the cause of this disaster was screaming at the medical profession since most of the people who perished were on prescribed salt restricted diets.

Fermented Vegetables

To keep your bacterial neighbors happy, keep the flora reseeded and eat some fermented vegetables several times per week keeping the  Firmicutes, and Bacteroidetes in balance, and maintain healthy beneficial colonies of  Bifidobacterium infantis, Lactobacillus plantarum and Bifidobacterium lactis. (I regularly eat Kimchi because I like the spice, but you can ferment your own un-spiced vegetables).

Fat and Cholesterol Laden Food

Don’t be afraid to eat fat from organic fatty cuts of meat, and organ meats like liver ( don’t worry we know this is a major detox organ but it excretes the detoxified substances not store them so it is not only safe but highly nutritious)

Eat at least 4 eggs/day, another highly nutritious food packed perfectly as nature intended.

Eat butter, this is another great nutritious food and it contains Butyrate that prevents colon cancer as well as yoghurt (contains iodine for your thyroid).  

However, to keep your prostaglandin pathways clear respect the omega 6/3 ratio.

Supplements for the Balanced Metabolic Types

I am not a great fan of individual pills and capsules because most of them are from China and are synthetic.

In addition the pharmaceutical companies, as if they don’t have enough profits, have bought into this market of nutritional supplements and are producing their own, some containing synthetic substances and in some caseS genetically modified ingredients.  

What can I say…no I won’t say it..we’re on the Web.  Most of the supplements that you see on the shelves of pharmacists and other emporiums are foreign to the body and will be excreted out without being metabolised so you may as well have swallowed some dollar bills.  

In my opinion whole food type supplements that contain the 90 essential nutrients and more work the best. Body Balance from Life force is a reasonable product since it contains:

  • 16 vitamins,
  • 21 amino acids,
  • 74 minerals,
  • 3 essential fatty acids (DHA,EPA and LA)
  • 6 Anthocyanins (bioflavonoid antioxidants)
  • 13 Saccharides ( known also as carbohydrates that assist in cellular energy production, used for immune system development, and form a structural framework for ribonucleic acid (rNA) and deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), since ‘ribose’ is the base saccharide sugar molecule.
  • 29 Phytochemicals (There are many names of substances within this large family such as Isoflavones or Flavonoids, Anthocyanins, Proanthocyanidins, Sulphides,Thiols, Carotenoids, Isothiocyanates, Catechins, Epicatechins, but they all help in the body to maintain balance preventing an array of symptoms, and improving vasodilation, free radical neutralization for example.

(These values change depending on the harvest which is from sea vegetables and Aloe Vera):

There are other supplements on the market such as the Youngevity products from Joel Wallach, but you need to shop around to see what suits you.  So always remember for optimum health we seek:

‘To concentrate on the Individual NOT the Symptoms’

‘Some days you eat vegetables and salad and go to the Gym and some days you just want to eat cupcakes and Pizza and refuse to put on pants..IT’S CALLED BALANCE’  

Check out the Previous Article in this series:


  1. The Metabolic typing diet William Wolcott & Trish Fahey (2000)
  2. The distance healer website on Metabolic typing

Author: Eric Malouin