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Corona Virus Update!

Hello friends. I wanted to give you some ideas and tips for the Coronavirus. If you click here you can find some information about how to deal with it, should it be a concern. I want you to know that a healthy body deals with viruses perfectly fine and that there are solutions. Stay safe, stay vigilant and let’s continue the conversations in the forums to help support each other during these unprecedented times. 



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Your Most Recent Content…

Cholesterol A to Z (Part 4 of 5) – Course by Dr. B

One of the biggest courses on our platform. The new episodes are just ready! Don’t miss it. You will know about first steps, and how to deal with chemical emotional and physical stressors.

Ask Dr. B – April 2020

This is the April video where Dr. B is answering EHA members’ questions. Here you can learn more about Corona Virusleaky gutantibioticsallergies and other health problems. Have fun watching!

Q&A With J – Session #4

In session #4 I tackled how to bring more oxygen into your body to prevent disease. Powerful solutions for the coronavirus and finally natural tips for lowering blood pressure!

Extreme Health Radio

In April we added 5 groundbreaking videos on PUFAs (Omega 3) and why you should avoid them, along with 17 videos on the spiritual emotional connection to EVERY ILLNESS. You do not want to miss these!

True Health Tuesday Lectures!

In April we added 18 videos to Dr. Bergman’s D.C. “True Health Tuesday” section. Learn how to prevent mental illnesses, improve your memory and keep your mind sharp and active all the years of your life!

Cholesterol A to Z (Part 3 of 5) – Course by Dr. B

This is the third part of the Cholesterol Course and there are 2 more to go. Enjoy watching! And get ready for more! Before you begin taking medications to lower cholesterol, watch this course!

Ask Dr. B – March 2020

This is the new video where Dr. B is answering members’ questions from March 2020 – first pregnancy and sufficient sleep, heart palpitations, C-Vitamins, coronavirus, and much more.   Enjoy watching!

Cholesterol A to Z (Part 2 of 5) – Course by Dr. B

This is the second but not the last part of the Cholesterol Course. Enjoy watching! And be ready – there will be more!

Quick Tip Recipes!

In light of all that’s going on with the mass hysteria surrounding the coronavirus, we wanted to share two superfood baby recipes (although they’re great for adults too!) with you! How to make Golden Nuggets & Baby Drops!

True Health Tuesday Lectures!

In March we added 32 videos to Dr. Bergman’s D.C. “True Health Tuesday” section. The videos we added for this month are on the coronavirus, Back and Spine, Bacteria and Viruses, Blood Pressure and Cholesterol. We’ll be adding new videos to this section each month! Enjoy!

Kerri Rivera – Autism Solutions Workshop

In this controversial and lively workshop Kerri Rivera talks about how she was able to reverse her own son’s autism using a little known substance AND she shares her thoughts on the corona virus! DON’T MISS THIS!

Ask Dr. B – February 2020

This is the next video where Dr. B is answering questions of the Academy members. In this part you can learn among others about antibiotics, tinnitus, eating kephir versus youghurt and wearing bluetooth hearing aids. Have fun watching!

Cholesterol A to Z (Part 1 of 5) – Course by Dr. B

It is just a beginning of Cholesterol Course. Check the first part of our new series, enjoy watching, and be ready for the next part! Don’t miss it.

Ask Dr. B – January 2020

This is the video where Dr. B is answering members’ questions from January 2020 – cold hands, skin problems, cancer and radiation, kidney pain, and much more.   Enjoy watching!

How To Kill The Corona Virus

This was an excerpt from our recent “Autism Solutions” workshop with Kerri Rivera. In this clip she talked about how to beat colds, flus, and kill all pathogens (and the CORONA VIRUS). Don’t miss this.

Q&A Panel – Mediterranean Cruise

Check out our newest Q&A Panel! This is the last part of the Mediterranean Cruise Course. In this panel we cover neuroplasticity, spirulina, prostate & menopause! Have fun!

Ask Dr. B – December 2019

Dr. Bergman D.C. addresses shaking hands, arthritis, shoulder pain, abdominal pain, hip replacements, where to find a good chiropractor, heavy metal detox, biological dentistry and so much more!

“Best of” Extreme Health Radio Shows

Due to Youtube and online censorship and the very real potential of being deplatformed, we are working behind the scenes to start importing our “best of” Extreme Health Radio shows going back to 2012. Stay tuned for our most powerful shows coming here monthly!

True Health Tuesdays

Each month we are going to be adding EVERY video lecture that Dr. Bergman D.C. did going back to 2009. Because of censorship and the very real possibility of Youtube removing Dr. Bergman D.C. we will be adding every talk he’s ever done to the Extreme Health Academy! New lectures added every month! πŸ™‚

Redefining health and disease by Dr. John Bergman D.C.

New Course with 21 videos from Dr. John Bergman D.C. – Redefining health and disease you have to wach it! We will talk about: How Dr. B became a chiropractor, The biomedical model of illness, Medical care vs science, and much more!

Morley Robbins – Minerals & Pregnancy

In this clip mineral expert Morley Robbins talks about what it takes to have a healthy pregnancy and delivery!

Morley Robbins – Beating Diabetes

Morley Robbins aka “The Magnesium Man” talks about diabetes from a mineral perspective and what you need to focus on to reverse this condition!

Travel Hacks With Ken Rohla

In this video Ken shares some of his best biohacks for jet lag and recovering from long flights! If you fly a lot you’re going to want to get these tips!

Ask Dr. B – November 2019

November Ask Dr. B is here! You can find answers to your questions. We cover antibiotics, back surgeries, heart issues, anxiety, plantar fasciitis, skin rashes and so much more!

Dental Health by Alessandro

In this course we talk about dental health. You will learn why it is so important for your body. Did you know that one of the first places to heal yourself (on the physical level) is oral pathology? Dental health is close to the top of the list for the causes of all disease. Learn how this is possible in this eye opening course!

Oct 2019 #1 Mastermind Q&A with Dr. John Bergman D.C.

Q&A in October is something incredible. Questions from our forum members can surprise you. Check out this episode.

NEW: The Articles Database

These in-depth health articles are written by Eric Malouin who works closely with Dr. Bergman D.C. and his staff. Eric has worked with Dr. Bergman D.C. for years and these ground breaking articles cover brain health, heart health, cancer, cholesterol, diabtes, autoimmune disease, hormones, vaccines, prescription drugs and much more. We will be updating this section monthly!

NEW COURSE: Blood Pressure Decoded!

In this course we talk about blood pressure. What it is, why is it so important, and what good blood pressure means. Here we cover all about blood pressure and its influence on our health and everyday life.

September 2019 – Mastermind Q&A – Dr. John Bergman D.C.

This month we are answering for you the questions that you send to the forum. You have to see it! The topics we have taken care of are osteoarthritis, car accident and spinal injury, red blood cells, cancer, green juices and fruit smoothies, sleep through the night and more. Check this out!

Dr. Sam Berne – The Perfect Vision Workshop

In this workshop with Dr. Sam Berne we talk about Vision. If you want know more about eyes and topics like eye part of the brain tissue, protecting from the sun, red light therapy, amblyopia, lasik surgery and more just watch this video. ACCESS NOW

The Complete 5G Mitigation Protocol

In this workshop with Ken Rohla we talk about 5th Generation (5G) Wireless Technologies and the Internet of Things (IOT). We also talk about scalar energy and its transceivers/transducers.

Human Immunity & Longevity with Dr. Tim O’Shea

Check out our new course with Dr. Tim O’Shea! Learn more about the immune system and our body’s wonderful abilities. You’ll love it!

August 2019 – Mastermind Q&A – Dr. John Bergman D.C.

We covered 27 questions from our audience and it was a blast. Here’s some of the topics we covered: JAK2 Mutation, back pain, calcium levels, back surgery, thyroid removal, ADHD and so much more! Come check it out!

August 2019 – Andy Mant – Biohacking Light

In this live workshop with Andy Mant we talk about how to block blue light, how blue light affects our sleep, hormones, circadian rhythms, energy levels, increases inflammation and cancer. We also discussed how to block it as well as how to biohack your light environment in order to manifest the best health ever.

Q&A With J – Session #3

In session #3 I tackled at length some really great strategies for overcoming gout using natural remedies rather than toxic drugs. I also shared some of the most cutting edge tips for biohacking your workspace that are truly cutting edge along with supplements to take while doing chemo if your body has breast cancer.

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Recent Forum Conversations…

New Course …

New Course: Cholesterol Decoded! You’ll learn what really causes high or low cholesterol, what the natural solutions are & how to reverse it naturally without drugs or medications!

Kerri Rivera

Autism Solutions Workshop!

Kerri Rivera did an amazing workshop talking about her protocol for helping children reverse the symptoms of Autism. Can Autism be reversed? What’s causing it? 

May’s Featured Content!

How To Optimize Brain Health!

Dr. John Bergman D.C.

Dr. John Bergman D.C. shares some powerful strategies you need to learn if you want to improve your memory, reduce neural inflammation, prevent dementia and improve your brain health as you age! 

Why Light Is More Important than Food

Justin Stellman & Nathan Walz (Workshop)

Most people do not know this but light affects more of your brain and mitochondria than food does. Learn why you need to optimize your light environment if you REALLY want to improve your health!

Heal Leaky Gut

Dr. Doni Wilson (Quick Tip Video)

Dr. Doni Wilson share 8 powerful solutions for helping to heal and restore proper gut function. Put into practice these 8 tips and you’ll radically improve your digestion for good!

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