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New Course: Healthy Bones

When we age, our bones generally tend to get more fragile and less flexible. Bones are not supposed to be rigid and hard. Bones are supposed to be strong AND flexible like bamboo. As we continue to expel calcium from our bodies, our bones have a tendency to accumulate heavy metals and become brittle. In this course we talk about keeping the bones strong and flexible as we get older.

Q&A Mastermind #1 – March 2019

We covered 27 questions from our live audience, intraMAX,, MRI of brain, heart, stroke and it was a blast. Here's some of the topics we covered: sleeping issues, intestinal bacterial overgrowth, scoliosis, and so much more! Come check it out!

New Course: The Liver Rescue Course

In this course we cover how the liver works, how to take care of it, what foods to eat, what supplements to take, what foods to avoid, fatty liver disease and even a Recall Healing approach to liver issues. We hope you enjoy this one!

Q&A Mastermind #1 February 2019

We covered 30 questions from our live audience and it was a blast. Here's some of the topics we covered: sweating, spider bites, cataracts, low blood pressure, ruptured tendons, pregnancy, statin drugs, infertility in cats and so much more! Come check it out!


We have compiled every question, every topic, every subject matter from the Masterminds, The Member's Hangouts, The Courses and Challenges into one page where you can find anything you're looking for. This is going to save you so much time! We'll be adding to it weekly so stay tuned for more!

New Course: Whole Body Restorative Exercises

In this course we cover how to fix your back, your neck, your shoulders, knees and more. You'll learn about 2 devices you can get that will dramatically improve your health and joint mobility. Watch this course to learn how to maintain your joints and mobility for your entire life!

Q&A Mastermind #1 December 2018

We covered 19 questions in this really fun Mastermind Q&A. We covered topics like atrial fibrillation, vitamin D3/K2, energy tools, bronchial asthma, cysts, fibromyalgia, facial exercises and so much more!

Dec 2018 Member's Hangout #1

We covered 21 of your health questions from thin skin, deuterium, proper breathing, bone loss, supplements, minerals, easy bruising, estrogens and much more! This was a fun one. Enjoy!

Q&A Mastermind #2 November 2018

We answered 35 of your health questions in this session with Dr. John Bergman. We covered everything from cannabis and cancer, rebuilding cartilidge, stomach acid, vision, sauna therapy and so much more. Don't miss this friends!

New Course: Diabetes Mastery

Find out the root cause of diabetes and blood sugar issues as well as solutions to prevent diabetes and even reverse it!

Q&A Mastermind #1 November 2018

We answered 32 of your most pressing health questions all from the chat room. Make sure to join us LIVE if you want to increase your chances of getting your health questions answered! This was incredible. Don't miss it!

Oct 2018 Member's Hangout #2

We cover everything from Codex Alimentarius to macular edema, eye health, EMF mitigation strategies, cleaning your arteries, herpes and so much more. Do not miss this one!

New Course: Adrenal Health Recovery 101

After watching this course you will never treat your adrenal glands the same ever again. This empowering course will show you how the adrenal system works and how it impacts your hormone and energy levels. You'll also learn the necessary tools to make a complete recovery of your adrenal glands!

How To Heal Leaky Gut

In this short 4 minute video, Dr. Doni Wilson shares 8 herbs and natural remedies to help your digestive tract heal.