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Q&A Mastermind #2 November 2018

We answered 35 of your health questions in this session with Dr. John Bergman. We covered everything from cannabis and cancer, rebuilding cartilidge, stomach acid, vision, sauna therapy and so much more. Don't miss this friends!

New Course: Diabetes Mastery

Find out the root cause of diabetes and blood sugar issues as well as solutions to prevent diabetes and even reverse it!

Q&A Mastermind #1 November 2018

We answered 32 of your most pressing health questions all from the chat room. Make sure to join us LIVE if you want to increase your chances of getting your health questions answered! This was incredible. Don't miss it!

Oct 2018 Member's Hangout #2

We cover everything from Codex Alimentarius to macular edema, eye health, EMF mitigation strategies, cleaning your arteries, herpes and so much more. Do not miss this one!

New Course: Adrenal Health Recovery 101

After watching this course you will never treat your adrenal glands the same ever again. This empowering course will show you how the adrenal system works and how it impacts your hormone and energy levels. You'll also learn the necessary tools to make a complete recovery of your adrenal glands!

How To Heal Leaky Gut

In this short 4 minute video, Dr. Doni Wilson shares 8 herbs and natural remedies to help your digestive tract heal.

Q&A Mastermind #1 October 2018

We covered 31 questions in this amazing session. Some of the topics included, Sinusitis, TMJ, Shingles, Cataracts, Food Allergies, Urine Therapy, Blue Light, Autism, Ringing In The Ears, Dry Blood tests, Meniere's disease, Vitamin D and much more! Don't miss this one!

Oct 2018 Member's Hangout #1

We cover over 16 questions and dive deep on candida, blood clots while traveling, excess calcium, heavy metal detox, mandatory vaccines, juicing, eye floaters, wifi blocking tips and much more!

New Course: Deep Sleep Mastery

Sleep is one of the keys to optimal health. Disease rates go up when we do not get enough "proper" sleep. Learn the best sleep positions, how coffee affects sleep, how to build a great sleep environment and much more. If you enjoy sleep, don't miss this course!

Sept 2018 Member's Hangout #2

We covered everything from atril fibrillation, acupuncture asthma, torn meniscus, blue light in the morning, depression and vitamin C. This was huge. Don't miss it!

Q&A Mastermind #2 September 2018

34 questions were answered by Dr. John Bergman. Here's some of what we covered...intermittent fasting, diabetes, lipomas, mold, heart pain, anxiety, water filters, acid reflux, fibroids and so much more. Don't miss this one!

New Course: Hearth Health Optimization

In this eye opening course we cover the causes and solutions for cardiovascular diseases of all kinds. We cover cholesterol, high blood pressure, the 5 keys to radically transforming your cardiovascular health and so much more. Don't miss this course. Your life could depend on it!

Sept 2018 Member's Hangout #1

We answered 16 more questions spanning blue light, the dangers of eating grains, building your solar callous, natural antibiotics, building immunity and much more!