Zoom Rooms Session #24




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In this talk we discuss…
Miller’s Organic Farm which is led by an Amish Community. Many diseases may be connected to the electricity. 5G world.
Living on a farm. Physical labour outside. Sleeplessness.
What is your strategy for light? Moving into the Fall Season. Incandescent light.
Human Charger Device – Justin’s opinion.
Ovarian cancer.
Breast cancer researches. Some say most cancers are hormone-driven.
How to ask questions / start a topic in the EHA Forums?
Committed enough to not take chemo! Discussion with doctors about vaccines, flu, and so on.
Megha’s TSH levels are high. Deeper aspects of thyroid health. Using your phone.
Liver and adrenal health – the first places to look at when trying to fix your thyroid.
Hormones, enzymes, and minerals. Proper mineralization protocol. Getting your foundation right.
Being yourself and agreeing with yourself. Recall a healing perspective.
Neuropathy. Marving goes numb on his right side after walking for 15 or 20 minutes. He found a chiro but nothing has changed.
Doing juicing for 60 days. Magnesium, Copper, and too much Iron. Other advice for neuropathy.
A recipe for a good beef liver according to Marvin’s mum.
Doing something sustainable for your health like adding some butter or cacao to your coffee. Blood donation every season.
Stabilizing your pelvis. Using a belt. Rolfing – basically a deep tissue massage.