Zoom Rooms Session #13 – June 8, 2020



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In this talk we discuss…
Lung health, tips for coughing, and how to quickly and easily get rid of a cough with silver, nebulizing, and more.
What is the Ferrol compound. Justin doesn’t recommend it because it contains iron.
Corona in Virginia. What is it like are people required to wear masks?
Family and friends think you’re crazy if you don’t wear a face mask.
Will things after COVID19, coronavirus ever go back to normal? Will there be a round 2 of this virus?
Barry avoids watching the news!
Work on personal development, spiritual growth, and changing the things you have control over vs watching the news.
Moving all YouTube content into EHA because of censorship!
Why Justin got into natural health after watching his mom go through chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery during her non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma cancer diagnosis back in 1995.
Tips for getting rid of bloating and improving digestive health. Colostrum, bone broth, and good bacteria, and probiotics are the basics.
Why light is so powerful and impacts our mitochondria more than food.
Cancer rates are skyrocketing. Tips for nnEMF protection.
Inverse-square law. Blue light and mitochondria.
Protect your thyroid from blue light toxicity and hormone health.
How Barry is working on getting rid of myopia.
Melatonin is not just for insomnia or sleep issues, it’s the #1 anti-cancer hormone!
Health is more tied to the environment than our diet.
What is nnEMF? Blue light, dirty electricity, WiFi, 5G
How to mitigate WiFi and 5G from neighbors.
Why you should cover your skin from blue light and why do we get sick?
Thoughts about sunscreen and what causes skin cancer. How to avoid getting sunburned and increasing your tan and melanin.
How to mitigate the chlorine in public pool water.
Benefits of skin brushing for detoxing and lymphatic health
Swimming in natural bodies of water is healthiest. Water is the only true EMF Faraday cage in nature!
Creating a new kind of human by rewilding and getting out of indoor living
What kind of blue-blocking glasses do you recommend?
What have cancer rates exploded since 1879?
Defender Shield for laptops
How To Improve Lung Health
Greenwave Dirty Electricity Filters
RaOptics Blue Blocking Glasses
BluBlox Blue Blocking Glasses
Iris Tech Blue Blocking Software
Dr. Jack Kruse shows on Light
Why Light Is More Important Than Food
The 5G Mitigation Plan
How often should you wear blue-blocking glasses and should you wear them with the Iris Tech software?
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