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In this talk we discuss…
Ask Dr. B – how does it work.
Pelvic floor issues. A nutritional program that supports connective tissue strength.
Good collagen sources for vegans.
Justin’s mum’s story cancer story. She’s 25 years survivor.
Anthony’s been watching Dr. Bergman D.C. for 10 years.
Do you know anybody with Coronavirus? Positive test results. Dr. Fauci’s recommendation to wear glasses.
Tips to stay healthy during COVID.
Anthony’s blood pressure challenges. Being on medication for more than 20 years. The connection between HBP and heavy metals.
Blood pressure and Vitamin D levels. Presence of heavy metals test. Dr. Christopher Shade and dr. Steve Hines.
The right blood pressure numbers.
Gadgets that Anthony recommends such as PEMF mattress.
How can you transition from eating meat to more vegetables and fruit? Beyond meat burgers containing so much Estrogen.
Addition by subtraction when changing your diet. Focus on what you’re doing not what you’re eliminating.
Using Vitamin B12 supplements when you are vegan.
Hydrogen tablets vs machine – what is better in filtering water? Benefits of hydrogen itself.
Bill’s friend was told she needs to have a knee replacement. Knee issues. Prolozone therapy and other ways to help.
It’s hard when you have someone in your life with a health issue and they don’t want your help.
Jody wanted to give blood but she couldn’t cause her blood pressure was too high. They test for COVID antibodies.
Preparing for the storm. Possible food shortages. What we can do on our personal level.
Flu shots negative stories. Vaccinating children.
Remineralizing water. Different ways to do that.