Course: Cruise Course


Course Length: 89 videos – 9 hours 55 min 28 seconds

Check out our spectacular new courses with Miss Jaya, Dr. Tom McFie, Dr. Tim O’Shea D.C., Alessandro Porcella Jr, and Dr. John Bergman D.C. from our Health Cruise!

In this course we cover…

Sacred Sexuality by Miss Jaya

  • Getting Inspired about Sexual Vitality
  • Your Brain on Sex
  • Orgasmic Possibilities
  • Sexual Health
  • Sexual Vitality as Reflection of Your Health
  • Common Questions about Sex

Financial health by Dr. Tom Mcfie

  • How our emotions affect our wealth
  • Tips for getting out of the rat race
  • The path to free cash flow
  • Does money make you happy?
  • How to control your emotions about money
  • The perpetual wealth code
  • Misunderstanding the value of money
  • Be your own banker
  • Q&A with Dr. Tom McFie
  • And much more!

Immune system and life quality by Dr. Tim O’Shea D.C.

  • How the Immune System Works
  • The Ironic Reality of Quackzenes
  • Helping the Body Heal from Cancer
  • Allergy as Adaptation
  • The 60 Program to Optimize your Health
  • The New West Diet

Dental Health by Alessandro Porcella Jr

  • Safe mercury filling removal
  • The dangers of root canals
  • Ozone and plasma therapy
  • Restorative biodentistry
  • And more!

Redefining health and disease by Dr. John Bergman D.C.

  • How Dr. B became a chiropractor
  • The Philosophy of Human Biology
  • The biomedical model of illness
  • Medical care vs science
  • Common misunderstandings in Genetics
  • What is Dis-ease

Q&A Panel with our guest speakers

  • Spirulina and Chlorella
  • Healing prostate naturally
  • Menopausal problems

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Lessons in this course: