Zoom Rooms Session #26 – October 16, 2020



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In this talk we discuss…
Yvette’s torn ligament and how is she dealing with it. MSM powder, Silica, Vitamin C, Collagen, and other things that can be helpful.
The most powerful form of Collagen and other ways to rebuild it.
How is the lockdown here in Florida? Coronavirus. Wearing masks.
Yvette works in the hospital system but she hasn’t been at work for some time because of her broken foot.
People getting upset with you for not wearing a mask.
What’s Anthony been listening to lately. 2 or 3 main sources of diseases. Eating sugar.
Biohacking of the body. Taking little bits of different stuff and see how it goes. Mainstream alternative health.
Steve has been a homeopath in Kenya for nearly 15 years. US food vs European food ingredients. GMO and non-GMO.
Bob Beck Protocol. The Budwig diet for cancer.
Dr. Richard Massey’s story about a lady with cancer and her agreement with the negative diagnosis. Programmed mindset.
Anita Moorjani’s journey of cancer and near-death experience.
Viruses in our bodies. Viral theory. Fixing the environment we are living in. Getting rid of those 3 stressors.
Stress is such a major part. It plays a huge role in our health state. Anthony wonders how can people live in big cities like NY.
The physical level vs the spiritual level. The invisible physiological process. There is always unknown involved with health.
Everybody’s different and reacts differently but medicine treats all the people the same.
People and robots. Artificial intelligence.
The negative effects of vaccines.
People need to take charge of their own health. Especially now when we have all places to look for.
Doing super simple things to radically reduce the chances of getting any kind of disease. Defensive and offensive things we can do.
Anthony thinks that people who are on the Shows are really knowledgeable. We can learn from such people.
Fear influences people in a very big way. Flee or flight mode. Phantom vibrations.
Justin is recording the next show about self-sabotage. He just set up his Aqua Cure Machine.
The final chats with different members.
Justin is thinking about doing small groups that are more focused on a particular topic. Something like consultations.
The official Bob Beck website
The Budwig diet
Avatar Products where you can buy breathable face masks
Healthier cereal
An example of different ingredients in American and European food
Dying To Be Me a book by Anita Moorjani
Sofia Smallstorm – The Truth About The C0V!D Vaccine!
An Academy Workshop with Ken Rohla