Zoom Rooms Session #25 – October 9, 2020



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In this talk we discuss…
Anthony’s business: www.wholly-organics.com and his life now.
Steven is from the UK, he’s doing some research about Covid. UK people to follow. The situation in the UK.
Using Hydrogen. Blue blockers.
Coming off antiretroviral treatment.
Beck’s story about her grandson’s sore throat and chlorine dioxide. Steve used MMS for malaria.
How bloodroot helped Jody’s husband in removing a mole from his foot. Skin cancer uses.
It’s good to have Silver, Vitamin C, castor oil, etc. at home. Castor oil’s mechanism of action and usage.
How are Marvin and Rob doing? Rob’s required to wear a mask at work. Masks stories.
Donald Trump getting the Coronavirus and overcoming it so quickly – theories.
If we don’t look at things from multiple perspectives we’re gonna lose the big picture.
The Black Wall Street we don’t learn about it in school.
Med bed – a technology that the government has.
Scary future technology. Sofia Smallstorm’s EHR Show. Micro movements, nanotechnology. Controlling people by technology.
Covid-19 vaccine.
Donald Trump and vaccines. It’s difficult to figure out what Trump really believes.
How’s everybody addressing food security?
Getting a short wave radio.
K and her husband are skilled in growing food and would love to help/teach people how to grow fresh food. Food shortages.
Is Covid making people do research about health and alternative therapies? Probably that’s why censorship is happening.
Fermenting food by yourself. Wild fermentation and a controlled form. Making a Magnesium Bicarbonate at home.
Magnesium deficiency. Testing your Magnesium levels.
You can do a lot for your health through super simple things.
Social and racial matters. How can we all be in this together? Trying to see each other not just the face.
Transcendental meditation lessons. Family constellations therapy, recall healing. Generational curse.
The Dirty South. The racial problems. Skin color is still a problem.
Med beds could be helpful for many disorders. Alternative ways of harvesting energy – creating a new world.
Elections in the USA. All social media are involved.
Chris is located in Pretoria, SA. – immigrants, and killings there. Chris had successes in helping his patients thanks to Dr. B.
Emotional healing is very important for our health in general.
Anthony’s website and online shop with organic stuff
A photo of a person trying to protect her shopping cart from Coronavirus.
Dave Moor on Facebook
The Power of Hydrogen – an EHR Show
Herb Healers online store
“Cured My Cancer” – a book by William Trucks
Sofia Smallstorm – The Truth About The C0V!D Vaccine!
“Irresistible” – a Book by Adam Adler
Dr. Christiane Northrup
How to find cell towers near you
Freedomtaker – an online resource
Stop The World Control – videos
An EHR Show about Autism with Kerri Rivera
Thrive Market
Portable Shortwave Radios
“When Technology Fails” – a Manual by Matthew Stein
OFF GRID with DOUG and STACY – Youtube Channel
MagBicarb – Activated Magnesium Bicarbonate
How to make Magnesium Bicarb
Test your Iron, Copper, and Magnesium levels
Malcolm X movie
Transcendental Meditation lessons
An article about med beds
The Social Dilemma movie on Netflix – trailer