Mental Health Tips

The aim of this section is to give you the tools to empower you mentally on your quest for radiant health. Knowledge is power but only if we harness the power to use it correctly. Here we’ll share practical tips and ideas to help you get there.

Total watch time: 5 videos, 13 minutes 26 seconds


Getting Started…

Your first step is immersing yourself in education. Click below to learn what we’re talking about.

Saturation Point

You spent your whole life letting the winds of your situation push you here. Now that you’ve chosen your destination and become a different person, it’s time to saturate your mind with the most empowering, inspiring and educational information that will help propel you to ultimate healing and radiant health.

When we know better we do better. Exposing yourself to new ideas is key to being able to attract that one thing that will be the catalyst to your health and healing. Always be learning. Always look to education yourself. 

Let everything you watch, everything you read, everything you listen to support your ability to get to your destination. Immerse yourself, saturate yourself with the tools that will empower you to heal.

Exercise: Find one TV show (or Youtube show), one podcast and one book this week that will be in alignment with who you are and where you’re going. Once you find 3 new content producers, saturate yourself in their information.

Your Language

You must change your language if you want to be a powerful being on this planet. No longer can you give power to your illness or other people. 

Everything you say and think has to be positive in nature. Don’t give undue power to a label. Don’t give your power away to doctors who diagnoses you with a disease. Understand (to stand under) your own power and ability to heal. 

Exercise: Write down a list of disempowering words or phrases (like: I can’t, never, I wish, I hope etc) and do your best to remove them from your vocabulary. 


The importance of reading good literature cannot be overstated. It has been said that leaders are readers. You can tell how much somebody is into personally developing every aspect of themselves by taking a look at their personal library.

Within each books is the amalgamation of somebody’s life work. All of their thoughts, their fears, their wisdom and their insights can help you improve your learning curve.

Imagine cutting out years of struggle and testing by reading one book that gave you one idea that helped you shave years off your personal journey.

This is what reading good books can do for you. Make it a practice to always be reading something that challenges you and opens things up for you…..things that touch your soul.

Exercise: Buy a Kindle or Nook (or open an account at a library), check out (or buy) any book that speaks to you and make it your goal to read 5 pages a day. That should take you less than 10 minutes. After a year (assuming the average book length is 250 pages) you will have read almost 7 and a half books! BE A READER.

The Food  You Eat

The foods we eat quite literally become us. Understanding for example that sugar creates microscopic tears of inflammation inside your arteries and as a result, your body creates cholesterol to patch up the damage, will give you the mental motivation to avoid such foods.

If we understand facts like how the simple act of drinking enough water each day can help prevent colon cancer or how broccoli contains chemicals that also help prevent cancer, we can go a long way to building a multi layered motivational approach to making the right food decisions. 

The more we understand how the foods we eat impact our health the more we have the tools to be able to become the type of people we are already becoming.

Exercise: Pick one food that’s a staple in your diet and spend 5 minutes researching what compounds are in it and how they affect your body.