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Total watch time: 4 videos, 4 hours 57 minutes 49 seconds

The idea behind these Q&A sessions was to provide practical information in the form of protocols, websites, products, tools, and resources that you can go out and buy that will help you overcome your health challenges.

Quick Note: Eventually every question and every answer makes its way to the Health Database so you can find answers quickly and easily!

Having been in the natural health world full time since 2003 and interviewing over 600 guests for our radio shows while doing mountains of research I’ve come across a lot of practical ideas you will not hear anywhere else.

Not a lot of people are putting all the pieces together using light, water, magnetism, detoxification, chiropractic, PEMF, deuterium depletion, diet, lifestyle, spirituality, personal development, oxygenation, oral pathology, meridian systems, fatty acids, homeopathy, essential oils, rife technology, frequency medicine, electrification, voltage and more!

I hope you enjoy my insights and my attempts at putting all the pieces together.

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How Can We Help You Improve Your Health?

Ask Justin: Session #4

In session #4 I covered how to oxygenate the body and flood your body with usable oxygen. I also covered coronavirus solutions along with how to lower blood pressure naturally without drugs or medications!

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Ask Justin: Session #3

In session #2 I covered 4 questions in detail to give you as many tools as possible for dealing with them. We talk about how to prepare and minimize vaccine damage *if you are getting force to give them*. We also talked about how to get rid of warts, simple solutions for hepatitis C along with getting rid of varicose veins once and for all.

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Ask Justin: Session #2

In this session I share some of my most practical tips for overcoming skin cancer, stomach ulcers, constipation and age spots! Grab a pen and paper because I share lots of products, resources and ideas for these stubborn health conditions!

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Ask Justin: Session #1

Practical tips for overcoming skin cancer naturally! How to overcome stomach or peptic ulcers. Powerful solutions to reverse constipation. What are age spots, where do they come from and how do we prevent and eliminate them naturally!

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