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Before directly answering your question we need to understand what are the causes of Parkinson's disease.

Dr B has made some excellent video presentations on this subject which we can summarize.

Like all abnormal conditions of the body particular stressors are involved, and in the cases of neuro-degenerative abnormality such as Parkinsons it could well be physical trauma, possibly experienced years before or a nutrient deficient/Toxic lifestyle which equates to a physical and chemical/emotional stressor respectively.

Parkinson's is a problem associated with movement control within the brain called the Basal Ganglia which is shown below :



There are 2 pathways, the Direct pathway that provides movement, and the indirect pathway that dampens movement and prevents the wrong muscles to move, for instance if you want to kick a ball, you don’t want both legs to kick the ball.  

Since the substantia nigra component of the Basal Ganglia is located at the bottom of the brain proper and near the midbrain and Pons region of the brain stem, trauma that impacts this area can destabilize the normal arch of the neck creating a loss of normal curve, and an abnormal forward head carriage compromising signal transfer ( for nerve impulses for propioception and movement etc ) from the spinal cord up the signal processing center of the brain.

Therefore, multiple chiropractic corrective sessions can readjust the neck, restoring the loss of curve in the neck and the patient will gradually resume normal head posture.

Dr B in his video 'Solutions to Parkinson's' highlighted in Justin's response explains The Vertical Sublaxation Complex (VSC) that defines the primary nerve impulse pathways afforded by the brain stem and spinal cord; once treated by chiropractic adjustment, can improve the loss of normal vertebral positioning and motion ( Kinesiopathology) and pathological changes in the spinal musculature such as muscle hypertonicity ( stiffness ), spasms. tremor etc ( Myopathogy).

Kinesiopathology tends to manifest itself first sometime after the traumatic event followed by Myopathogy.

Furthermore, the Journal of Upper Cervical Chiropractic Research says that ' Hyperafferent ( excitable nerve signals from the body to the brain) activation of the sympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system can lead to sub clinical ischemia ( inadequate blood supply) causing the neurons to hibernate or go into a wait state until they are enriched with what they need to function.

As Dr B states neurons are either on or off and a certain input level causes the neurons to fire, but the sympathetic system when activated causes blood restriction to the neurons triggering this cerebral penumbra.

If you consider some of Dr B patients who have Parkinson's symptoms, which Dr B has reversed within 3 months in some cases by restoring normal blood flow to the affected neurons from the chiropractic adjustments.

What happens is that the Substantia nigra which synaptically connects to the inhibitory neuron connecting the Striatum to the Globus Pallidus Internal, transmits dopamine across the synapse making the  Globus Pallidus Internal turn down’ even more, lessening the inhibition toward the Thalamus making it more active sending more excitation to the motor cortex affecting more movement to the muscle. In turn this should reduce the Parkinson's symptoms.

In concert with the physical adjustments the journal of clinical neurology states that :

Aerobic physical exercise activates the release of neurotopic factors and promotes Angiogenesis ((formation of new blood vessels) thereby facilitating Neurogenesis ( growth and development of nerve tissue) and Synaptogenesis (formation of synapses between neurons), thus improving memory and cognitive function.

Furthermore, exercise limits the alteration of dopaminergic neurons in the Substantia nigra contributing to optimal functioning of the Basal Ganglia”.

Exercise in general is extremely therapeutic overall, but in terms of the brain it increases that part of the brain responsible for memory and learning called the Hippocampus, and even reversing hippocampal volume loss in late adulthood.

Exercise increases blood flow to the brain, which is what we are trying to achieve, to wake up the hibernating neurons as discussed above, as well as increased oxygen supply, promoting accumulated toxin discharge from the brain through better blood circulation as well as promoting nutrient delivery to brain cells.

To summarize, modalities such as chiropractic adjustment and correction, alongside daily aerobic exercise such as fast walking, jogging etc that increases heart rate and strengthens the cardio system especially if the Parkinson's onset is associated with physical trauma.

In the future there will be articles posted on this site that are entitled 'The Dysfunctional brain, more common conditions and causes' that have been written in concert with Dr B's videos on Cognitive abnormality and Dementia which go into more detail on some of these brain structures.

Alternatively, after years of leading a nutrient deficient/Toxic lifestyle it can take its toll on correct cognitive function giving rise to such conditions as Parkinson's,Huntington's disease and other forms of dementia, including other basal Ganglia associated abnormalities like Sky Dragers syndrome, ALS, Multiple sclerosis, Korsakoff's syndrome and others.

There is a series of articles published on this site that explain the gut flora ( Microbiota ) and specifically in this context the Gut-Brain Axis.

By consuming man made food, administering vaccines, taking prescription medicine and living a stressful lifestyle can also take its toll on the Microbiota ecosystem, causing dysbiosis, allowing pathogenic flora to take control.

As a result, when these pathogens feed, their metabolites are usually toxic which cross the blood brain barrier and accumulate in the brain causing a number of neurological disorders that can elevate to conditions such as Parkinson's.

This is exacerbated by poisonous food made from toxic ingredients which are GMO based and kept from pest damage by pouring estrogenic, antibiotic patented insecticides on the plants, as well as dairy and meat that come from sick animals kept 'healthy' by antibiotic infusion and bovine growth hormones injected into the animals to increase meat and milk yield.

The poisons used in the poultry industry such as formaldehyde and arsenic simply increases the level of toxicity in the human body.

Avoid heterocyclic amines from fried anything, acrylamides from french fries and potato chips and avoid municipal water which is also treated with acrylamides and trans fats from man made margarine.

This amounts to developing an unhealthy gut, toxic blood and systemic ill health.

Again, in the case of non traumatic parkinson's to help improve or even reverse the condition you need to change your dietary and life style choices and reflect them toward organic food and grass fed animal products and avoid anything made by a processed food corporation and avoid meat that comes from a CAFO which is most meat sold in supermarkets.

As I instruct everybody you must take the 90 essential nutrients every day as a supplement.

There are 17 articles on this site that describe the function of these nutrients and explains why they are essential to the body.

Try and eat essential brain food such as eggs at least 6/day/100 pounds of body weight or more to repair possible myelin damage to neurons.

It is essential to compliment healthy dietary/lifestyle choices with regular exercise as described above.

Also take regular wheatgrass juice powder shots ( 1 teaspoon in water on an empty stomach every morning) for about 2 months, and take a break for 1 month and get your blood analyzed to ensure health has been restored to the blood plasma.

@Justin StellmanFYI   @STONEFROG1

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    • @Higgijl sorry my answer to you was not complete.    Yes Antibiotics is especially damaging to our gut flora, but all prescription meds cause damage to the gut because our bacterial neighbors and our mammallian cells regard these as poisons and also stress is real tissue killer which also harms our bacterial friends.  I did mention somewhere is a previous post that when Alexander Fleming discovered a fungal poisonous mold destroyed bacteria this was the birth of antibiotics which occcurred in 1928.  When Antiobiotics where introduced as a prescription med some time after Fleming insisted that if antibiotics are prescribed to treat infection it is crucial that a probiotic is prescribed as well to reseed the friendly flora, and prescribing physicians complied for about 20 years after and then stopped which caused a flurry of autoimmune problems. Does your daughter have Celiac disease ?. if she or someone else does then it is important to read the article 'a guide to healing the got which is in the EHA library.
    • @Justin Stellman I was looking into getting a Beamer. But, like you said I get so much debate on what the sellers are saying about the other products. 
      I will check out the videos. I do check my vitamin levels. Right now I am anemic and very sick from it. My copper is at optimal level while my magnesium is good but can be better and I do magnesium supplements. 
      The inflammation I have is 4 autoimmune diseases. Learning so much here and doing everything I can to heal   thanks!
    • So sorry posted to wrong place
    • So how are you today.  Ps just been Internet chatting to this really knowledgeable nutrition chap in my natural health academy.  He says vegetarian diet great because you'll be consuming butter cheese yoghury milk etc.  He says vegan is not good because some animal products needed
    • Hi @Eric thankyou that is great to know that vegetarism OK.   I've resisted her going vegan. I will always do that now.  And my question re ceoliacs and why your gut goes bad as you said. Antibiotics? 
    • Hi @JamieM personally I would go with a low frequency device as it's more of something you'd use every day "long term" as maitinence. The higher frequency devices are good for acute injuries, and acute illnesses that you need to get on top of more quickly, like say a tumor or something like that. I have and use the IMRS 2000 device and I've heard great things as well about the Bemer. People who sell these are going to try to demonize the other. Then the low frequency proponents are going to say the higher frequency devices are dangerous while people that sell the high frequency devices will say the low ones don't have enough power. So just make sure you kind of know that going in to doing research about them. If you're working in inflammation, personally I would work follow the work of Morley Robbins and start adopting the Root Cause Protocol. The short version is lowering Iron, while increasing copper and magnesium. Sounds simple, but it's incredibly complex. You can learn more about it here on these videos. These PEMF devices can go up to 20,000 dollars and even the cheaper ones can be 3 or 4 thousand. I wouldn't want you to invest all that money when you can accomplish more, reduce inflammation, oxidation, and lipid peroxidation via the management of iron and lipofuscin reduction. If you have any questions about that just tag me (like I did with your name at the beginning of this post) and let me know!
    • @raypadden1good afternoon  sorry mate for the delay in reply, I am supposed to be on vacation here in Aruba, but still the academy draws me in..lol So you are very serious toward eating healthy food and there is some great food that you are consuming, but I see no animal products like eggs, cheese butter, yoghurt, kefir or meat in your dietary regime.  It is important that you consume both plant and animal products because plants clean the body,  animal products feed the body.  You can only clean the body so much before you begin to starve the body. So the animal kingdom, domestic livestock such as pigs, cows goats, etc if they are owned by a careing Farmer he will ensure that the feed lot has all the nutrients that they require, but if the farmer does not do this he is liable to pay a lot of call out vet bills, so actually, veternary medicine has eliminated many diseases that still plague humans by nutritional intervention.  Domestic animals privately owned such as cats and dogs is the same thing, if the owner loves and cares for his animal he is going to feed them the best feed and avoid commercial stuff such as whiskas.  Next time you are in a suppermarket check the nutritional content of a bag of dry food and comapre that with something that is for human comsumption and you will see that society feeds their pets better than they do themselves. Wild animals such as herbivores know by instinct what they need to consume to maintain health.  Same thing for carnivores, which are even more important for their health they have to catch their prey.  You don't see doctors running after gazelle to try and meausre their blood or cholesterol do you?. Nature provides for the wild animals unless humans begin to destroy their natural habitat and upset the balance of nature.  The nutrient requirement I eluded to before applys to all natural organisms. If your worried about oats buy the red mill steel cut oats, they are organic like all their products and in fact you can buy these in Costco at a reasonable price for a big bag.  Micheal Gregor is ok but he relies too much on studys which may or may not contain a level of feasibility, or even analyzed critically. Again, you don't need to go overboard with respect to raw versus cooked, yes enzymes are sensitive to heat, but you do have a pancreas that provide digestive enzymes so long as you don't everything cooked than this can take a toll on the pancreas. You have to be sensible since, by eating fruit you are consuming live enzymes and 2 most important enzymes come from Papaya and Pineapple. @HiggijlHI Vegetarians eat well because they consume some animal products which is a good dietary  blend for out bodys  
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