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    • Any advice on this monster bug? Would vaccines be useful in these cases? 
    • Hi Justin and Dr. Bergman: I expressed on Facebook that I am really struggling with Dry Eyes and Neuropathy.  I am 61-years-old  plant-based vegan.  I got the Lyme Diagnosis in my  mid 30's & IC  with Hunners ulcers from antibiotics that I took, because I didn't know better back then and trusted the medical system. Now I stay far away...... I did join your academy when you first started and felt I didn't get much help.  It was new & hoping there is more info now.I do love your podcasts and youtube.  I want to support your work and want to shout it from the roof tops when I am actually an overcomer of these to VERY unpleasant symptoms. You had mentioned some supplements.  I am all ears...Please pray tell.  Share....Thank you, Kimberly ~ Demo Rep & Esthetician
    • I'm embarrassed to say, but I honestly don't know why my right eye is weak and requires glasses in order for me to read.  I'll look into it and get back to you on that.  I do plan to get an eye exam this spring or at the latest this summer to see if there is a difference.  I'm sure there will be.  I don't think it's my imagination. I do know my left eye is the lazy eye. I almost forgot to mention that my right eye had a growth and needed to be surgically removed in 2010.  The growth was affecting my vision.  The doctor waited until it absolutely needed to be removed, because it is my "good" eye.  Well, the surgery left a lot of scar tissue in the corner of my inner eye.  So much tissue that I always felt like a big grain of sand was there.  But now that I've been using the Joovv Mini since this May 2019, the grain of "salt" is gone.  And it looks to me that the scar tissue has shrunk substantially. I'll keep you posted  
    • @Justin Stellman  First, I need to see the tutorial on how to respond to posts.  I'm not sure I'm doing this correctly.  Second, I'm crossed-eye due to sleep deprivation; I was up with my dad a lot of the night and the nights before - big sigh. Now, to get to your question.  My husband calls me a "mole" because when the sun goes down, I'm just fine with the salt lamps on I did not watch TV - it bores me - unless I see that Netflix has some educational doc.  Even then, I watch Netflix sparingly.  If I watch at night, I use the blue blockers.  My family has gotten used to the glasses.  They think I'm a little fanatical, but that's okay   I have the blue light blocked on my cell phone at all times.  I don't have any LED lights in the home.  We have incandescent bulbs and they are on as needed.  My husband has gotten used to navigating through out home with the lights from Himalayan salt lamps. I've seen on FB a new type of light that I want to check out ASAP.  The company's website is bebrilli.com.  I think that the correct website address.  I think the bulbs are expensive, but...….my health and well-being are worth it.    I'll try to keep up on these posts as best I can.  This is a challenging time for me.  Thank you for all the information you've posted on this subject!  I read it and I'll look into the suggested products.  By the way, I could not find the chicken light on Amazon.  But I might have been too tired and overlooked it.  Thanks a million!
    • @Justin Stellman I am familiar with injuries and I fully understand how annoying that can be especially in your knee I was reading about prolotherapy for your* atlas how it can somehow re position the atlas bone you know the first neck bone in the spine C1
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    • Justine  »  Justin Stellman

      Hi @Justin Stellman
      I’ve sent quite a few emails regarding membership for myself and Rod and haven’t so far received any feedback. We are still active members of the Academy and nothing has changed. Our memberships are current and based on our account information on the EHA site and we locked in annual membership costs for life when we joined in 2018 and memberships have not lapsed.
      Can you please confirm this? 
      Rod and I have received emails from you to say that we have left which isn’t the case.
      We would really appreciate a response.
      Thank you
      @Justine @Rod
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    • carat  »  JRandyP

      Try to get rid of wheat in your diet to stop being hungry, sugar too.
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    • JRandyP

      How can I stop being hungry all the time, even when I have over eaten?
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    • AlaskanSky

      Also very interesting: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5019014/
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    • AlaskanSky

      Love the content here. One of my most favorite lectures ever. 
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