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    • Hello @cgriff great to have you here. How did you find us? Fortunately there are so many things these days that we can do for joints and joint mobility. It sounds to me (like me and all of us) is that from playing golf and tennis you probably have muscular imbalances which over years most likely lead to some of these issues. I first learned about these from a book called The 7-Day Back Pain Cure which really opened my eyes to the idea of these muscular imbalances as one of the causes to issues like this. You might also look into the work for Dr. Stuart McGill and the work of Pete Egoscue. They're both doing some pretty remarkable things helping people come back from these kinds of things.  Before I forget have you checked out the Health Database or the latest course on specific exercises you could do that might help? There are things you could consider while adding to your protocol of healing. You could consider something called Prolozone (aka prolotherapy or sclerotherapy) which I had on my knee after I tore my ACL doing jiu jitsu back in 2008. I didn't get knee surgery but rather a series of injections on my knee.  There are also substances like platelette rich plasma, stem cells and regenokine that you might want to look up. You can check out http://www.acam.org to find somebody in your area that could do it.  From a diet perspective you would want to make sure you're consuming lots of substances that are going to help strengthen connective tissues like vitamin c, collagen, sulfur rich foods (like MSM, Aloe Vera), silica and substances like that. Also you'll want to avoid as much exposure to any indoor lighting (aka toxic blue light) which causes inflammation all over the body and dramatically lowers redox potential.  Then there are therapies like PEMF and LLLT that I use quite often. We have a Q-Laser (I don't think it's available anymore though but not sure on that), and a Sota Magnetic Pulser along with some other advanced PEMF devices.  You also might look into acupuncture and massage to help stimulate blood flow and "chi" into the areas of pain. There are other things you could do as well. For example (you will not hear this by searching Google ha!) you could put together a protocol of having a prolozone session and then following up with bee venom therapy to increase stem cell production and micro-circulation followed by acupuncture and then some magnesium and DMSO rubbed on topically at the very end. If you're willing to go all the way, the options are endless to stimulate new healing. Something else that's not really considered much is our bite plate and the role of the "hinges" of the body on our joints. For example if our bite is off in our back molars for example, that can throw off the alignment of the shoulders, that misalignment then affects the hips, knees and and ankles. Lots to look at here.  Finally on a deeper level you could look into the work of Dr. John Sarno and see how emotional traumas play a direct role into the pain we experience in our bodies. It's quite profound the success he had with people dealing with sciatica years ago. I would highly recommend reading his book. We've done a number of shows for example on Recall Healing which turns the entire medical industry upside down when it comes to healing.  I hope this wasn't too much to throw at you but it might help others who have similar issues give them some things to look at that they've never considered before. I should have asked at the beginning, how long have you experienced this pain, how bad is it and what have you tried thus far?  
    • Hey @Apexmichael great to have you here friend. How did you find us and what areas of health interest you the most??
    • I am looking forward to talking with everyone about being healthy and health problems.  Thanks Michael 
    • I'm having a lot of pain in my left shoulder blade, neck, low back and hip, also suffering from tennis and golfer's elbow. Seeing a PT and chiropractor, which seems to be helping some, but hoping to find relief soon and a corrective chiropractor close to my area. Really love Dr. B's videos and watch him every Tuesday night! So glad to be here and look forward to learning more!
    • Thank you for your kind words Kate!  I have been enjoying Dr. Bs videos on youtube for quite some time and I appreciate all the wonderful work you all do.  Thank you for your love for our state too!  Please pray for us; smart meters are coming this year!      I have seen a few people say that we can opt out, but the electric company says they will be installed everywhere.  Do you know anything about how to opt out?  I am so upset to be forced to have more EMF and right in our own home.  I may get the grounding sheet after all.  Thank you again and a big hug right back to California too!  I have several family members there and we love your state too!  Especially Monterey with the low humidity.    You have so many healthy food options there as well and I wish Florida would get on board with that!  Thank you!  Love, light, and blessings!
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    • buoninco  »  Justin Stellman

      The Health Database is EXTRAORDINARY! So Much Gratitude for all your efforts at Extreme Health Academy.  
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    • agapantha  »  Justin Stellman

      Hi Justin, This is Nora (agapantha).  Became a member already on december 8.  Probably this is the wrong place to introduce myself but honestly I had no idea where to do it.  Have 0 experience with forums etc.   Guess, or let's say hope I'll learn by doing it.  I'm 81 and have RA & glad to be a member of the Academy & looking forward to learn and enjoy and apply all it has to offer.  That was all - for the time being...   Wish you and Kate and Dr. Bergman a Merry Xmas and a Healthy New Year.  Could you please greet Dr Bergman from me.  We've  visited him twice.  Thanks.  Nora from Holland.
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    • Beck  »  Justin Stellman

      So Justin today on the live show with Dr. B,  I am Marme10, pronounced Mar-me.  I really messed up when signing onto the chatroll. I won't bore you with the details .Ha Ha   Anyways I asked about Slim Spurling.  I almost have my husband talked into buying the agricultural Harmonizer.  This is a big accomplishment for me.  We have a small farm and I have been talking about the dangers of sprays for a long time.  He said if he was 20 years younger he would do organic as he has heard me lecture about it forever.  I feel the small family farms like ours are being run out of business.  The big farmers are buying out all the little guys.  It is so expensive for the small farmers and it would be very costly to change over to organic.  I personally dont think it would work anyways cause neighbors fields surround us.  We would all have to go organic, and that would never happen.   We are 3rd generation on this farm. Anyways I want to know as much as possible before making a purchase on something really foreign to us.  We live in Red Neck  meat and potatoes country. The guys drink their beer on Sat. night and go to church Sun. morning.  In fact on Sat. night you can imagine me telling the good ole boys about getting their bits in the sun for the prostate. I can still hear them laughing.  Good hard working people that would take their last shirt off to help someone.     So the  harmonizer does a radius of 1.5 miles, if you activate it with a environmental clearing CD it is boosted to 65 miles.  That is huge if it works.  It is supposed to affect people,animals, crops.  I think that is so exciting!!!  65 mile radius would affect many of our neighbors.  If you or anyone else knows anything about this I would so appreciate it.  You did say you knew a little bit about it but I thought maybe you would know someone with all the people you have interviewed that could shed some light on the subject.  By the way my grandkids call me Marme..   And Happy Late birthday!!!
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    • holysmoke  »  Justin Stellman

      if anyone gets a chance watch the you tube video   "space panther-vaccine harmony
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    • rmodah  »  Justin Stellman

      HI Justin ,
      Can you please help me on how to get rid of tinnitus .. It is 24 /7 on going .. 
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