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    • So sorry posted to wrong place
    • So how are you today.  Ps just been Internet chatting to this really knowledgeable nutrition chap in my natural health academy.  He says vegetarian diet great because you'll be consuming butter cheese yoghury milk etc.  He says vegan is not good because some animal products needed
    • Hi @Eric thankyou that is great to know that vegetarism OK.   I've resisted her going vegan. I will always do that now.  And my question re ceoliacs and why your gut goes bad as you said. Antibiotics? 
    • Hi @JamieM personally I would go with a low frequency device as it's more of something you'd use every day "long term" as maitinence. The higher frequency devices are good for acute injuries, and acute illnesses that you need to get on top of more quickly, like say a tumor or something like that. I have and use the IMRS 2000 device and I've heard great things as well about the Bemer. People who sell these are going to try to demonize the other. Then the low frequency proponents are going to say the higher frequency devices are dangerous while people that sell the high frequency devices will say the low ones don't have enough power. So just make sure you kind of know that going in to doing research about them. If you're working in inflammation, personally I would work follow the work of Morley Robbins and start adopting the Root Cause Protocol. The short version is lowering Iron, while increasing copper and magnesium. Sounds simple, but it's incredibly complex. You can learn more about it here on these videos. These PEMF devices can go up to 20,000 dollars and even the cheaper ones can be 3 or 4 thousand. I wouldn't want you to invest all that money when you can accomplish more, reduce inflammation, oxidation, and lipid peroxidation via the management of iron and lipofuscin reduction. If you have any questions about that just tag me (like I did with your name at the beginning of this post) and let me know!
    • @raypadden1good afternoon  sorry mate for the delay in reply, I am supposed to be on vacation here in Aruba, but still the academy draws me in..lol So you are very serious toward eating healthy food and there is some great food that you are consuming, but I see no animal products like eggs, cheese butter, yoghurt, kefir or meat in your dietary regime.  It is important that you consume both plant and animal products because plants clean the body,  animal products feed the body.  You can only clean the body so much before you begin to starve the body. So the animal kingdom, domestic livestock such as pigs, cows goats, etc if they are owned by a careing Farmer he will ensure that the feed lot has all the nutrients that they require, but if the farmer does not do this he is liable to pay a lot of call out vet bills, so actually, veternary medicine has eliminated many diseases that still plague humans by nutritional intervention.  Domestic animals privately owned such as cats and dogs is the same thing, if the owner loves and cares for his animal he is going to feed them the best feed and avoid commercial stuff such as whiskas.  Next time you are in a suppermarket check the nutritional content of a bag of dry food and comapre that with something that is for human comsumption and you will see that society feeds their pets better than they do themselves. Wild animals such as herbivores know by instinct what they need to consume to maintain health.  Same thing for carnivores, which are even more important for their health they have to catch their prey.  You don't see doctors running after gazelle to try and meausre their blood or cholesterol do you?. Nature provides for the wild animals unless humans begin to destroy their natural habitat and upset the balance of nature.  The nutrient requirement I eluded to before applys to all natural organisms. If your worried about oats buy the red mill steel cut oats, they are organic like all their products and in fact you can buy these in Costco at a reasonable price for a big bag.  Micheal Gregor is ok but he relies too much on studys which may or may not contain a level of feasibility, or even analyzed critically. Again, you don't need to go overboard with respect to raw versus cooked, yes enzymes are sensitive to heat, but you do have a pancreas that provide digestive enzymes so long as you don't everything cooked than this can take a toll on the pancreas. You have to be sensible since, by eating fruit you are consuming live enzymes and 2 most important enzymes come from Papaya and Pineapple. @HiggijlHI Vegetarians eat well because they consume some animal products which is a good dietary  blend for out bodys  
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    • Justine  »  Justin Stellman

      Hi @Justin Stellman
      I’ve sent quite a few emails regarding membership for myself and Rod and haven’t so far received any feedback. We are still active members of the Academy and nothing has changed. Our memberships are current and based on our account information on the EHA site and we locked in annual membership costs for life when we joined in 2018 and memberships have not lapsed.
      Can you please confirm this? 
      Rod and I have received emails from you to say that we have left which isn’t the case.
      We would really appreciate a response.
      Thank you
      @Justine @Rod
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    • carat  »  JRandyP

      Try to get rid of wheat in your diet to stop being hungry, sugar too.
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    • JRandyP

      How can I stop being hungry all the time, even when I have over eaten?
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    • AlaskanSky

      Also very interesting: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5019014/
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    • AlaskanSky

      Love the content here. One of my most favorite lectures ever. 
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