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    • I am 70 years old, 6', 212 lbs. BP is 116/87. Blood sugar is ~100. No prescriptions. Motorcycle rider since 1970, dirt and Harley's. I have had a broken back, hemorrhoids, prostate cancer, left hip replaced. 11 years ago I was 300, borderline diabetic, high BP. Many prescriptions. I sometimes used a walker. I could see Death. In 18 months with clean eating I dropped down to 185, BP and sugar went down, hemorrhoids almost cleared up. Zumba and bicycling 3 times a week.  My chiropractor was into bones and health.  A good man, I miss him. Last year I retired, sold my Texas house, moved to the Finger Lakes in New York, bought an old house. I love this place. My problem, my weight has been going up, my energy is going down. Can Extreme Health help to REEVALUATE and get me back on track?
    • I was watching the video from Kerri Rivera on chlorine dioxide for coronavirus. I found it in the database. Has anyone here tried this and has it worked? My brother in law currently has it and he is asthmatic. The majority of my in laws have asthma, diabetes or blood pressure problems. I would like to share this information with them but I'm curious to know if it has worked for anyone? Any side effects?
    • I am taking pain meds because I have arthritic in both shoulders and most of my body. I hate taking them but if I don't take them I end up in bed most of the day. I believe I have inflammation all over my body. I have been doing research and I found Dr. Gundry's book and it makes sense, the name of the book in The Plant Paradox. I don't mean to make you nervous but I also suffer depression and anxiety and I feel like I am fighting a battle within me, this Pandemic certainly doesn't help. The last thing I want to do is take my life, that's not who am and I manage to talk myself out of it. I do have a wonderful family and I wouldn't want to hurt them. You asked what thyroid meds I'm taking levothyroxine. I do my best to get 4700 mg. of Potassium a day but it hard, the problem is I don't eat a lot and I fast every day and I never get hungry. I try to juice every day but I juice 3-5 days a week. I do eat beets on a regular bases. Thank You for responding back!
    • Hi Justin, I have a problem☹️. I stopped taking my BPM about 6 mos. ago and I do feel a little bit better. I have not told my Dr. as of yet because I did not want to get into an argument with him and I'm not sure how to break the news to him. The BPM did not lower my BP and I know he would have put me on another BP.M.  He has me on 2 BPM. Where does it stop? at 3,4 or 5 BPM? I had a friend that I met in 2nd grade, I knew her all my life we wore like sisters and she was full of life until she got HBP in her 60 and before you knew it after about the 4th or 5th prescription she had a stroke and eventually passed away. Just writing this makes me sad, this is putting me in the same place she was at. If you have any suggestions please let me know. Thank You, Bobbi
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    • Amelia_Jennings07  »  Justin Stellman

      Shall I give up?I am getting my health under control better than I can use tecnology.Ive been trying all day to send message s and postat with no succese.Last try.I wanted to know if my high blood pressure could have saved my life.3yrs ago I ended up on ICU with some  sort  of seriziue and a bp of 280/100+.My episode was attributed to the high bp but I think it met have saved me.Is this possible?
      · 3 replies
    • surfjax  »  Justin Stellman

      Hi Justin
      I never got a confirmation sunday eve for the Sauna i ordered, here is the pay pal payment #
      Transaction ID 1V105044FA653521J I did not see a place to add the EHR 15 code was kinda strange it just took me to pay pal to pay.
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    • SONSHINE  »  Justin Stellman

      Thank you for all your incites on medical needs.  I am beginning a juice fast as you suggested.  The last juice fast I did was several years ago with great success.  All my allergies left, never to return.  I will get the supplements and continue my quest for health. ( No more thyroid or blood pressure meds hopefully). I have been searching for a chiropractor in my area for some time with no success.  We are in Warrenton, Gainesville VA area.  Thanks again for you assistance.
      · 1 reply
    • syleftin  »  Justin Stellman

      i just joined for a year and am looking forward to getting some help regarding how to understand if there is a possible causation of my pain and physical symptoms and a rear end collusion where a distracted driver of a large ( full steam ahead) driver ploughed into my 2014 Toyota Corolla Sedan that I was sitting in as it was at at stand still waiting for traffic to clear so I could make a turn into Duncan Doubhnuts after a morning of teacher training in  a small suburb of Boston.     
      I was brought by ambulance to the hospital with back and neck pain( severe whiplash). Could the extreme pain I’m still having be related? I definitely think so especially because I get sciatica after the accident . I did not have it before. My neurosurgeon has been VERY concerned by my ( not new) osteoarthritis and spinal stenosis in my cervical and lumbar spine & especially the continued narrowing ( now 5mm for the cord which is compressed as it exits the facets.
      Now I find that the neurosurgeon never even mentioned the newest finding of a 5 mm “benign” osseus lesion on my C-2.    WHY WOULDN’T he have mentioned it in light of the fact I suffered a whiplash in 2017?  Is that too long ago to be related?   
      He has been VERY CONCERNED about the  5mm diameter on my 6-7  vertibrae but hesitates to say much as to whether the accidrnt contributed tobit or not. I have MANY CD’s of my back over the years but can’t ipen them up and neither he nor my chiropractor is interested in taking the time to compare and contrast from beford and after the acciddnt to helo either build a case or disprove a correlation.  I wonder if Dr. Bergman would look at my documents and CD’s so I can get closure as the Statute of Limitations runs out on August 16th!!!
      After the  the accident I can definitely feel the difference where the spinal stenosis is pinching  the hell out of my spial cord, and more severe lumbar spinal stenosis with claudicatin an caua equina.
      I need help , not only in getting the big picture plausabiluty of my legal case, but also  on how best to treat  the ongoing pain that interrupts my sleep and has rise my inflamatiin. I’m back on KETO, take a pile of supplements( magnesium, D3K2, Nutritional yeast, C, Zinc, Selenium, Magnesium, Gymnema, L-lysine, Kelo, Dr. Berg’s Electrolytes, Dr. Berg’s Green Grass Juice Powder, and more. 
      I am shocked that 
      my neurosurgeon never even mentioned the 5mm benign( hopefully) osseus lesion on my C-2 that I had no clue I had until I read a previous CT they took in the emergency room where I went in April to  be treated for because of a hemorrhaging blood vessel that was feeding a hemangioma at the base of my tongue.  (enlarged blood vessel needed surgery to close it x 2!!
      the week before I had emergency laser surgery for a small retinal tear.  Could these have been related to the unrelenting stress and inflamatiin I have bern enduring??
      Meanwhile, I have opted not to have surgery over these three pain riddled years because I have been watching Dr. Bergman’s program this year and realize that this might not be the way  to go( although the neurosurgeon said to call himimmediately. if  I start walking as if I were drunk.!!! 
      i just finished a year of chiropractic in Beverly with Dr. Jaime Engel of Aligned For Life( she attended a conference you also attended beford COVID!!)
      ALSO: BTW,
      When that Chevy Silverado ploughed  into my stationary Toyota Corolla, the  AIR BAGS DID NOT DEPLOY.  Recently Toyota sent me a RECALK NOTICE ——that car was in the re call serial number group affected!!
      My legal claim is that the accident EXACERBATED my already very compromised spine.  I am in constsnt pain, am 77 years old.
      The good news is that I’m a fighter sooo...  I  continue to push myself to attend a local dance school where I take tap dance and hip hop lessons. It is painful until the endorphins kick in.... then I can over ride that pain for much of the 2  one hour sessions. 
      MY URGENCY IS that  in August my case will run out of time  for being heard
       and my lawyer has not been very respinsive to communicating with me. I think that is related to the fact that my primary care and neurosurgeon are not interested in getting involved in anything to do with lawyers.
      I’m hoping Dr. Bergman can give me wise advice.
      I hope the above picture of me in front  of a Mongolian GER( Russian = yurt) came through. I served there for 10 years as a volunteer English Teacher under NGO’s. My Church and friends supported me financially and I went at the age of 56 after taking an early retirement!! 
      i’m delighted to be a member of Extreme Health Academy.
      Sylvia Leftin
      BSEd., MSMCertified Elementary Educator&MA Certified ESL Teacher  Grades Pre-K-6  & 5-12
      978 406 5020

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    • shellys  »  Justin Stellman

      what is the zoom password
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