Kerri Rivera

Autism Solutions Workshop!

Kerri Rivera will be sharing a live workshop on Sunday February 9th at 8 am Pacific, 11am Eastern. Can Autism be reversed? What’s causing it?

Hey Great To See You Again! 🙂

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In this course, we talk about You. The Science of You - Your body, your Immune System, different health issues and ways to prevent them. Enjoy!

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This is the next Ask Dr. B video with the anwers for July questions. Dr. B talks about feet pain, excessive blinking, low white blood cell count, black mold exposure and more. Enjoy watching!

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In this course, we talk about money. Here you can learn how to take care of your financial wealth by saving, investing and planning your budget and more. Enjoy watching!

The Science of You

You have to watch our new course, where we talk about the body, connections, and how it works. Also, you will learn about viruses and bacteria. Don't miss it!

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Extreme Health Radio – Open Forum

The Extreme Health Radio Open Forum is a podcast where Extreme Health Radio guests such as: Ken Rohla, Meridian Grace, Wendy Wilson, Atom Bergstrom and Dr. Gerald Smith answer many important questions. The topics concern cholesterol, high blood pressure, cancer, hemorrhoids, natural birth and many more. This time we have more than 3 hours of interesting information for you. So please relax and enjoy!

Cholesterol Course A - Z

This is the last part of the amazing Cholesterol Course. This time we've got 25 videos which sum up the whole Course for you. Let us know how you like it!

True Health Tuesdays

This time Dr. John Bergman D.C. shares his knowledge and opinion about the problem that concerns the whole world today. We have more than 10 hours of videos for you. Check out all our new movies!

Cholesterol Course A - Z

One of the biggest courses on our platform. The new episodes are just ready! Don't miss it! You will know about first steps, and how to deal with chemical emotional and physical stressors.

Ask Dr. B - April 2020

This is the April video where Dr. B is answering EHA members' questions. Here you can learn more about Coronavirus, leaky gut, antibiotics, allergies and other health problems. Have fun watching!

Cholesterol Course A - Z

This is the third part of the Cholesterol Course and there are 2 more to go. Enjoy watching! And get ready for more!

Ask Dr. B - March 2020

This is the March video where Dr. B is answering EHA members' questions. Here you can learn more about Coronavirus, shaking hands, depression, anxiety and other health problems. Have fun watching!

Cholesterol Course A - Z

This is the second but not the last part of the Cholesterol Course. Enjoy watching! And be ready - there will be more!

Autism Solutions with Kerri Rivera

In this controversial and lively workshop Kerri Rivera talks about how she was able to reverse her own son's autism using a little known substance AND she shares her thoughts on the Coronavirus! DON'T MISS THIS!

Ask Dr. B - February 2020

This is the next video where Dr. B is answering questions of the Academy Members. In this part you can learn among others about antibiotics, tinnitus, eating kephir vs youghurt and wearing bluetooth hearing aids. Have fun watching!

Cholesterol Course

It is just a beginning of Cholesterol Course. Check the first part of our new series, enjoy watching, and be ready for the next part!

Q&A Panel

Check out our newest Q&A Panel! This is the last part of the Mediterranean Cruise Course. Have fun!

Ask Dr. B - December 2019

Dr. Bergman D.C. addresses shaking hands, arthritis, shoulder pain, abdominal pain, hip replacements, where to find a good chiropractor, heavy metal detox, biological dentistry and so much more!

"Best of" Extreme Health Radio Shows

Due to Youtube and online censorship and the very real potential of being deplatformed, we are working behind the scenes to start importing our "best of" Extreme Health Radio shows going back to 2012. Stay tuned for our most powerful shows coming here monthly!

True Health Tuesdays

Each month we are going to be adding EVERY video lecture that Dr. Bergman D.C. did going back to 2009. Because of censorship and the very real possibility of Youtube removing Dr. Bergman D.C. we will be adding every talk he's ever done to the Extreme Health Academy! New lectures added every month! :)

Redefining health and disease by Dr. John Bergman D.C.

New Course with 21 videos from Dr. John Bergman D.C. - Redefining health and disease you have to wach it! We will talk about: How Dr. B became a chiropractor, The biomedical model of illness, Medical care vs science, and much more!

Morley Robbins - Beating Diabetes

Morley Robbins aka "The Magnesium Man" talks about diabetes from a mineral perspective and what you need to focus on to reverse this condition!

Ask Dr. B - November 2019

November Ask Dr. B is here! You can find answers to your questions. We cover antibiotics, back surgeries, heart issues, anxiety, plantar fasciitis, skin rashes and so much more!

Dental Health by Alessandro

In this course we talk about dental health. You will learn why it is so important for your body. Did you know that one of the first places to heal yourself (on the physical level) is oral pathology? Dental health is close to the top of the list for the causes of all disease. Learn how this is possible in this eye opening course!

NEW: The Articles Database

These in-depth health articles are written by Eric Malouin who works closely with Dr. Bergman D.C. and his staff. Eric has worked with Dr. Bergman D.C. for years and these ground breaking articles cover brain health, heart health, cancer, cholesterol, diabtes, autoimmune disease, hormones, vaccines, prescription drugs and much more. We will be updating this section monthly!