Zoom Rooms Session #9 – June 1, 2020



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In this talk we discuss…
Talking about India
Are the majority of folks in India vegetarian?
Health updates
Doing water enemas
What’s going on with KONVID any updates?
Rob’s health updates
Justin’s strategy of changing bad food habits and food addictions. Subtraction by addition.
Are you Prepping for round 2 of KONVID-19 in the fall of 2020?
Acute fixes for colds, flu, and korona\/irus!
Reversing polio, chickenpox, measles, and mumps with ultraviolet blood irradiation therapy.
Increasing copper, magnesium, and vitamin A retinol.
Why you need to mega-dose magnesium even if you don’t feel it!
Nebulizing colloidal silver to kill infections, virus, and bacteria
Using a humidifier to prevent airborne viruses
How to prevent sunburn and treating sunburns
Natural sunscreen recipe!
Learning stock trading
Ty Bollinger death threats and censorship
Forced chemotherapy for 17 yr old
Tips for preventing heart disease and heart attacks
More people diagnosed with fibromyalgia
How EMF causes calcification
Advanced Medicine Conference
Ricky Gutierrez Day Trading Youtube Channel
Swing Trading Stock Course
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