Zoom Rooms Session #7 – May 26, 2020



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In this talk we discuss…
Magnesium success story!
EMF protection
Sauna therapy and EMFs in saunas?
How EMF and Stress increases calcification and decreases magnesium
Using DMSO as a driver of magnesium (or any topical solution) deeper into the tissues
Taking action and personal development
Why you need multiple motivating factors for every self-care protocol you want to do!
Building self-worth and self-discipline
Health is about personal development and spiritual growth!
How Denmark is dealing with coronavirus or COVID-19
Total deaths in Denmark of COVID19
The ridiculousness of wearing masks
More coronavirus talk and what’s really going on!
EMF Meter Recommended by Brian Hoyer
EMF Products on BioChargeMe.com
Dr. Bergman’s recommendation for a chiropractor in England
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