Zoom Rooms Session #5




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In this talk we discuss…
Coronavirus cases in Colorado?
Raising children and helping others that don’t want help
Raising healthy children
Justin’s rant on his mom’s cancer, his health journey, and waking up!
The importance of research
Discovering Dr. Bergman via spine issues.
Adding True Health Tuesday videos into the Academy and censorship
what she does to stay healthy
Sauna therapy and why sweating for detox is so great!
Durango Colorado
The benefits of coffee enemas and colon hydrotherapy
Sharing health practices
Taking magnesium bicarbonate and buying a water distiller
Detoxing from glyphosate and dangers of…
Wuhan, glyphosate roundup Dr. Zach Bush
Dr. Hulda Clark, parasites and blue dyes in cotton clothing causing cancer.
Wearing a face mask for Covid19 or not?
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