Zoom Rooms Session #35 – December 18, 2020



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In this talk we discuss…
Lynne is teaching and she has visual impaired students too. Creating your own world.
How are other members doing. What’s new?
What can they do to make us get the Covid vaccine? Immunity passports. The Elections.
Any rumblings about the Covid shot? Vaccine ingredients. Wearing masks outdoors.
Masks and all this stuff are like religion for people now. There is a lot of fear everywhere. JP videos.
Med beds. Having the freedom to take control over your life. Normalizing evil stuff.
What are you guys doing for your own health? Tips from members and Justin.
What’s DMSO? How to use it? Amandha Vollmer.
Jessica’s health tips. Being forced into taking the vaccine in your job. Changing career because of the shot.
Jessica is going into a protest against the curfew. Businesses refusing to close. Is life gonna go back to normal?
What do you do to wake people up? What is the psychology to do it?
Positive psychology. How to talk to people so they don’t become defensive.
Homebirth. Tdap vaccine, Vitamin K, and ointment of the eyes. Project 180. Filing a lien against your child. Waterbirth.
What to do with the placenta after birth?
Any good hacks for getting really good optimized deep sleep?
Real estate – where do you start?
How to use Project 180 #Vaccines
Members hanging out with each other.
Making your own masks. Reporting people without masks.
Weaning off your phone. Tracking people through their phones. Fedcoin.
Does anybody else have social anxiety? Do you have any pointers on how to cope with other people during this time?
Beck feels that the good outweighs the bad. The political and Covid situation now.
Light bulbs that Justin recommends. Blue light.
Members’ stories about how they realized how dirty this world is.
Self-empowerment. Going into nature. Spiritual life.
Having kids. School. Final talks.
JP Sears on fear
Satvic Movement – a non-profit health education platform
An Extreme Health Radio Show with Amandha Vollmer about DMSO
V is for Vaccine Campaign
Freedom Cells
Hugging Coat which looks like a full-body condom
Life After Pain – helps to get rid of your pain from the root
Brave – a browser that doesn’t track cookies
Duckduckgo – a search engine that doesn’t track cookies
Express VPN
Rob Braxman’s Youtube Channel about the Internet privacy
“Crucial Conversations” – book summary
Appreciative Inquiry books
“Appreciative Coaching” – a book
InPower Movement
Project 180 #Vaccines
Deep Sleep videos with Dr. Bergman D.C.
“Motivational Interviewing in Nutrition and Fitness” – a book
Avatar Products
ListSource – a source for property, homeowner, and demographic-based leads
Swiss Shield – a fabric that blocks EMF that Beck recommends for masks
Low Blue Light
Juan O Savin, Spaceshot76, Monkey Werx
True Dark
“Outwitting the Devil” – a book
Blue light blocking glasses
John Taylor Gatto – Underground History Lesson – a 5-hour interview
Extreme Health Academy Community Map