Zoom Rooms Session #34 – December 11, 2020



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In this talk we discuss…
Tawnja’s supplements. Covid prevention. Did you have Covid? Covid treatment and PCR testing cycles.
Using Hydrogen and aquacure machine. Iodine.
The diatomaceous earth.
Parasites cleansing.
High levels of bilirubin. The Root Cause Protocol. Balancing your minerals. Dumping Iron.
Magnesium Malate, Magnesium Bicarbonate vs Magnesium Hydroxide. Aquacure Brown’s gas machine. Hydrogen tablets.
Iron overload. Blood donation. 3 main ways to do Hydrogen Therapy. Rebounder and yoga ball.
Using relax sauna.
Biohacking and biocharging. Apple Watch and other wearable devices.
Are places closed in your area? Supporting small businesses. V is for Vaccine campaign.
Censorship is getting more and more intense online. Doing things physically like billboards, etc.
The stuff that is promoted right now is anti-health and anti-family. Covid-19 vaccine deaths.
A conspiracy theory about the Covid vaccine. David Moore. Dr. Lorraine Day and Covid testing.
The Universal Basic Income. The World Economic Forum. Freedom Cells. The absurdity of the Covid Vaccine.
The first awakenings. Having family and friends support if it comes to the health and Covid issues.
There are bigger things behind the scenes going on. We’re here for a reason.
Tom Cambell and the “Theory of Everything”.
Heather and Anthony’s children. Time for self-care when having kids.
Barlow Herbal Tinctures
The Root Cause Protocol
Full Monty blood test
Magnesium Supplement – MagSRT® from Jigsaw Health
MagBicarb – Activated Magnesium Bicarbonate
How to make Magnesium Bicarbonate
AquaCure® Model AC50
Bellicon Rebounder
Tools4Transformation – energy healing, meditation, transformation, self-realization, and higher consciousness
The Healthy American – business help
V is for Vaccine campaign
Freedom Cells
David Moore’s Facebook Page
Dr. Lorraine Day on PCR tests – an interview
“The Committee of 300” – A book which started Justin’s awakening,
“My Big Toe” – book
AlphaCast on Twitch TV
An Interview with Carl Gustav Jung (about the Society Theory and how it controls our decisions)