Zoom Rooms Session #33 – December 4, 2020



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In this talk we discuss…
How was your Thanksgiving holiday? Prominent people around the world getting the Covid vaccine.
How do you explain Covid things to your family and friends? It’s dividing everybody.
The Karpman Drama Triangle. The perpetrator (persecutor) is the one with the strongest immune system.
People have their journey and we can let them have it and respect them for that.
Anthony finds comfort coming to the meetings in the Zoom Rooms cause everything is hard now.
Tawnja recommends Chris Kehler who helped her with her pain. Ken Rohla and the energy in the pyramids.
EMF mitigation – green wave filter vs scalar device. Frequency of music. 5G towers.
Where can we go if we get taken off? Ideas. Where do you consume most information? Recommended places.
The news that Tawnja wanted to share with everybody. Making a Real ID. Flying within the US.
The vaccines with the aborted fetal tissues. RNA vaccine. Sofia Smallstorm.
The things that are going on because of Covid.
Green wave filters. American dollar. Bitcoin stuff. Recommended comedians.
Economic collapse. Cryptocurrency. Investing your money.
Renting or selling your house? Not paying rents and mortgages because of experiencing hardships during the epidemic.
Have you had any major wake-up calls or an epiphany since all this Covid thing started?
Mainstream media resources about Covid-19
Chris Kehler Holistic
Dr. R.E. Tent’s, D.C., N.D., Ph.D. Lecture about Pathogen Response
EHR Shows with Sofia Smallstorm
The Blaze Media
Peggy Hall’s website
US Coin Capitol
Fake Mask USA
The Dollar Vigillante
AwakenWithJP Youtube Channel
Brent Pella’s Youtube Channel