Zoom Rooms Session #31




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In this talk we discuss…
Chemtrails in the rural area.
Lisa had an appointment with Dr. Massey. What is recall healing. Lisa’s story.
Camps in the natural health world like mineral people, spiritual people, etc.
A curfew in California, zero lockdowns in Florida. Restrictions in the country. How’s everybody doing.
Connecting with each other. Not living in fear. People give up their freedom when they are afraid.
Covid-19 vaccines. The lies that people subconsciously believe.
The Highwire podcast with Del Bigtree. Vaccines risks.
Navigating through the EHA website on the Ipad.
V for Vendetta and Songbird movie. Contact tracing.
Heather has got 5 kids and is homeschooling 3 of them.
Getting off your cell phone. Using Facebook. A theory about John F. Kennedy.
The US elections. It’s a wake-up call for us. Possible chaos in the country. Kabbalah and things going on behind scenes.
What’s gonna happen if Trump/Biden gets in. Biden takes a hard stand on vaccines and masks thing.
Alfa Vedic, Peggy Hall and The Healthy American.
Morley Robbins on the EHR Show. Donating blood.